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WS used to do that up to more than a decade ago, in which they used to do an “Easter Weekend of 1000 Hits” over the Easter long weekend.

From the TV-E archives, here are the WS countdowns from the following years:

2004: WSEaster1000_2004.pdf (59.1 KB)
2005: WSFMWeekendof1000_hits2005.pdf (60.6 KB)
2006: WSEaster1000_2006.pdf (79.4 KB)


Loving the 4KQ Easter countdown as usual. It’s about the only time my home radio is not tuned to Smooth or Easy Hits.

Why can’t they be more like this all year round?


There’s only so many time a year they can play My Boy Lollipop :yum:


This afternoon I heard Carry On Wayward Son/Kansas on 4KQ. Great song. I think WS and Gold should still play the occasional soft classic rock song like that from time to time. It still fits in with the pure gold format IMO and would provide a point of difference to Smooth.

US stations like K-Earth still play this type of song even through they themselves have moved to a bit more of an 80s hit format like pure gold.


I agree. You hardly hear WS/Gold play the likes of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd (other than “Another Brick In The Wall”) & Santana (apart from “Smooth”, which came out in 1999), probably because of the strong competition from Smooth. As a result, you’re more likely to hear the above artists on Triple M (at least when they’re not airing talk or sport) than on the Pure Gold stations in Sydney & Melbourne, at least as far as the FM/AM band is concerned (Triple M Classic Rock Digital on DAB+ is the best place for it by far).


I agree, great song. I remember at Christmas time hearing “Dust In The Wind” on The Breeze, another great one of theirs.


Yes Dust in the Wind is a great one too. I can imagine The Breeze playing that one. I’ve heard it played on US stations quite a bit.


I remember hearing it over in NZ on Coast (which has a Classic Hits/AC format) when I was over there in February. Then again, it did reached #36 on the NZ singles chart.


Heard Dave Higgins back on Gold this Saturday afternoon


I’ve noticed that WSFM has introduced several new sweeps/jingles recently - many of them being quite long in length compared to what they usually do.


This weekend, 4KQ is doing a Sizzling 70s Labour Day Long Weekend.

You can see the song list here: http://cdn.arn.com.au/media/8347700/sizzling-70s-long-weekend-may-18.pdf


This has flown under the radar a bit - Christian O’Connell starts June 4, according to the Gold 104.3 website.


Really? We’ve been talking about it for six months.


There was no date announced until recently (I suspect sometime this week). That’s the bit that “flew under the radar”


christian has confirmed his last show for absolute will be may 18


I still think it’s going to bomb on Gold. I don’t think his style is going to work with the audience. Time will tell.


This occurred yesterday afternoon on WSFM.


Oooh, I’d LOVE to hear more of that on WSFM.

Those 1224 sweepers are amongst my all time favourite media memories.


It always amazes me when I look at top 40 charts from the 80s just how many really good and memorable songs are on the list. You can basically pick any month of any year in that decade and the charts are just full of great songs.


Oooh yeah, you can’t say that about today’s music.

I wonder what WS/Gold will be playing in 20 years time…
Hopefully not “Pure Gold” from the 10s because there basically isn’t any.