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“That’s LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem on Sydney’s Pure Gold, WS FM101.7”


If that ever happens, I’ll gladly pour this in my ears …


I have to say that it’d be nice if WSFM did something to mark 25 years of 101.7FM in a few weeks time - now there’s a great “Flashback Friday” idea for them! :wink:

Perhaps something like…

“WSFM, Sydney’s home of the Noughties, Teens and Twenties. That was Justin Bieber with his 2010 hit song Baby and this is Gazza with you across your No Repeat Workday. Coming up next is One Direction with a great classic hit from 2012 for your Sunny and 32 degree Autumn afternoon, That’s what makes you Beautiful!”

Sorry, couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well as it happens, 1st June (the day when 2WS converted to FM back in 1993) falls on a Friday this year! :slight_smile:


Craig Huggins marked 27 years on air at KZ/Gold yesterday. Pretty damn good achievement in an industry with such a high turnover of on-air talent.


Thanks for the post. I now listening to some tracks on Google play music. There is so much great music not played now. What a great year 1980 would have been. The great songs from the 60s were only 11 to 20 years earlier. So those 60s classics were on more radio stations
Then there was a great decade of 80s ahead. Can’t believe the 60s in 1980, were just like from 1998 to 2007 today. Now I feel old. Was only 4 in 1980.

In my opinion, I think the Monitors should of sung the song for the 2000s instead. :slight_smile:


Yes. The Blakeney twins.



I was 17 in 1980 so I remember the music from back then really well. I DO feel old now😕but I’m young at heart


According to Radioinfo, Jack “Cacklin Jack” Post (best known for his work on Hamish and Andy radio show and Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year on Nine) will be joining Christian O’Connell’s breakfast show on Gold as producer and sidekick.


Interesting article about the new breakfast talent coming to Gold Melb:


Reads like it could be a refreshing wake up for Australian content. I do hate hearing about TV shows the night before on radio.


I hope Christian is given free rein at Gold, much as he was at Absolute. Having listened in to Gold breakfast the other morning, it will certainly be a significant shift in style and format for the station when he starts. I hope Melbourne is ready for him!


Do we think ARN will eventually do an evening or weekend networked highlights show?


I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. I’m sure ARN will be wanting to get the most out of what is unquestionably a huge financial investment in bringing Christian over from the UK.


Yes, it will likely mirror the syndication and networking of K&J.

So get ready for chatter and non local content on KQ. Hopefully after Drive. Still unnecessary.


Christian O’Connell has started today, on air right now on Gold


Brendon ‘Whippy’ Dangar, former anchor (and before that, CD) at KIIS 101.1


I’m interested in seeing how the OC goes - despite the show named after him, his absolute Radio program was very much a ‘team’ effort

I truly hope he shakes things up though - he’s considered one of the worlds best radio announcers for a reason


And was that a decoy tactic to publish a job ad looking for an EP only a few weeks before the on air date? Shambolic if not.



Maybe gold were hoping he’d bring people with him?