Pure Gold Network

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Mmmm not quite.


Just like how Greg Burns sounds so different to any stock standard voicettacked announcer…


Is that your way of saying all English radio announcers are the same?


Well, they do sound English. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s another 1000 hits across Easter for 4KQ


WSFM showbag at the Easter Show. The hat is too small for someone with a fat head like me. Surprised they didn’t splash out on a speaker that could actually get WSFM using FM instead of Bluetooth!


4KQ, Gold, Cruise have a showbag?

How much is the WSFM bag?


Don’t know about the others. The WSFM one is $25 - same price as the Triple M bag, but at least WSFM had the courtesy to refresh the contents of the bag from last year. Triple M didn’t!


Cruise didn’t but I’m pretty sure Mix 102.3 did last year.


No Melbourne stations have had show bags for a few years.


I had no idea Triple M still did their showbag. Isn’t it based on who is official sponsor of the show? (ARN)

Do any other stations do it? 2Day should have one to appeal to the mothers/lovers of old school.


Trple M does, but it was the same as last year.
KIIS has one, but it was about as appealing as anal cancer.

The list of show sponsors is below:

I should note that Seven is not there but sponsors a spot towards ANZ Stadium and the volunteers. Plus there were crappy Home and Away and MKR showbags too.

So it’s probably not tied to the show itself.


A digital radio would be helpful.


Anything with a FM reciever would’ve been helpful. Actually, the Bluetooth speaker could’ve used a AUX cable, which apparently it’s supposed to have according to its limited documentation…

Looks like I’d better get one of these before they slap the delivery tax on…


From Radioinfo:

From 6am to 7pm today (Thursday 29th March), Toyota will be the only commercial partner heard on air across 101.7 WSFM in Sydney, GOLD104.3 in Melbourne, 4KQ693 in Brisbane, Cruise1323 in Adelaide and 96FM in Perth.​

​ARN and Adshel have partnered with Toyota (along with media and creative agencies The Media Store and Saatchi and Saatchi) to produce a large scale campaign for the new Toyota Camry.

More: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/toyotas-full-day-takeover-pure-gold


Interesting that 96fm is included in Pure Gold. I thought they were determined to align them with KIIS. I wonder if they’ll push the DAB+ angle for the Toyota Camry for 4KQ and Cruise listeners.


96fm swings both ways. KIIS/Pure Gold affiliations. Seeing as ARN can’t buy 6IX…yet


WSFM are doing the “Eggcellent 80s” over Easter.


4KQ are doing their usual Easter Top 1000 Countdown also.

Full List here: http://cdn.arn.com.au/media/8346917/easter-countdown-of-1000-hits-2018-revised.pdf


It wouldn’t be a long weekend in Sydney without a 80s music countdown on WSFM! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course I’m not complaining because these countdowns often have a wider range of music than you’d hear on the station’s regular playlist, but I do wonder why WSFM don’t do different ideas for long weekend countdowns every now and again. For instance, how about a Top 1000 counting down the “Purest Gold” hits from all decades of music played on the station?