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I heard that on the radio and I did wonder why she didn’t get it done in their summer break, they’ve only been back on a few weeks.

Hopefully she won’t be off air for long.

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I’d rather not use my annual leave for a medical procedure. That’s what sick leave is for.

Surgery is also not necessarily something easily planned. I would guess this has also been a long-standing issue with a number of non-surgical strategies trialled first. When you add on surgery wait times and pain tolerances, you take the surgery when you can get it.

As for ordinary workers, I agree with you.

But with the $$$$ Jonesy and Amanda are on, if I was in charge at WS, i would be asking Qs like why now?

If they are employed on standard employment contracts, they are ordinary workers.

That means they (like all of us) are legally entitled to take personal leave for illness - and you can’t have any performance management action against someone for exercising a protected right.

Management might wonder - but they probably know the full story that we don’t and could have even been pushing for the surgery to take place sooner and during survey. You also have to think about how as an employer you could inadvertently make the condition worse.

From an outsider perspective, it seems ARN really cares about it’s on air talent - if I recall correctly, it delayed the start of Jase and Lauren to give Jase time to grieve the passing of his Dad.

But I do get it - it would be a challenge to overcome.


Legal entitlements are legal entitlements, doesn’t matter what your wage is.

I’d say now was the best time for all interests, Amanda, ARN & the doctors.

Not sure why Jonesy is taking a week off, Amanda probably wont be back in a week but may do the show from home if it went well & she’s out of hospital?

It’s the last 2 weeks of survey & 1 week probably will make very little difference to the ratings, even if it does ARN will be okay with a short temporary drop until next survey. There’s a 2 week survey break over Easter period too, so essentially that’ll give Amanda 1 week in hospital & 3 weeks recovery before next survey starts.

Not sure if Jonesy & Amanda have it in their contract, (they might but its a case by case, time by time decision), but down the hall in the KIIS studio Kyle & Jackie have it in their contracts that if one is off sick or doesn’t work a shift for whatever reason, the other one doesn’t have to either, & I believe that even back when they were at SCA, Kyle has said if/when Jackie wants to call it quits on the show, he’s out too, he won’t do a show without her, I think it goes the other way too, Jackie wont do a show without Kyle.


I’m not questioning the entitlement, only the timing.

Lucky for all concerned that you are not in charge at WS :man_facepalming:

WSFM line up this week only

6-9am Ugly Phil
9am-1pm Bill Weaver
1-2pm Totally 80s
2-6pm Steve Fitton
6-7pm JAMnation
7-8pm Christian O Connell show

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