PTV Network graphic mocks

No worries Paddy. What I’m asking is, how did the media use te reo Māori in an offensive way?

They don’t, it’s a minority of red-necked viewers who get offended.

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Good question, @McMuffinMan17. While struggling to find an answer from me, here’s a response from @TV4:

Ah. That’s depressing. Much appreciated though, thank you.

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You’re more than welcome, @McMuffinMan17.


@Michael_Eccles You may remember that last time, I updated the channel branding package - promo endboards, programme menus, end credit promos (ECPs), programme return graphics (PRGs), and audience advisories - and weave te reo Māori (the Māori language), the official language of Aotearoa New Zealand, into that.

I had to revert that to the original mock design in which I created earlier this year (in January), although the design was updated to include a bilingual format (English and Māori), similar to S4C in Wales. The multi-channel menu was dropped.

I also added two additional graphics at the start and end of New Zealand-made programmes classified as “PTV Network Originals” (excluding news, sports and current affairs programmes), i.e. “A PTV Network Original” lower-third/super on the bottom left-hand corner at the start of the programme and an animated “An Original PTV Network Production - Made in Aotearoa New Zealand” endcap at the end.


  • Ā te rā nei = Today
  • Ā te pō nei = Tonight
  • Āpōpō = Tomorrow
  • Ā te wiki nei = This week
  • Ā tērā… = Next… (e.g. Ā tērā Rāhina = Next Monday)
  • Rāhina ki te Rāmere = Monday to Friday (i.e. weekdays / weeknights)
  • E haere ake nei = Coming soon
  • Kei tua ake nei = Still to come
  • Mātaki mai = Streaming now (for content available as on-demand titles on PTV+)
  • Ināianei = Now
  • E whai ake nei = Next
  • Ā kō ake nei = Later


Below are the examples of my updated work.

Promo endboards

Programme menus

Programme return graphics (PRGs)

End credit promos (ECPs)

Audience advisories at the start of programme

“A PTV Network Original” lower-third/super at the start of programme

“An Original PTV Network Production” endcap at the end of programme

All photos contained in the images above are samples only; no copyright infringement intended.



Below are the promo endboards for each channel (except Bubble, MAX and MAX 2), as discussed in my previous post, plus PTV+.










All photos contained in the images above are samples only; no copyright infringement intended.


I would just remove the watermark while the branding on the left is shown

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@Michael_Eccles @greenpea @LiamP MAX and MAX 2 are PTV Network New Zealand’s (as a fictional broadcaster) two music television channels.


Targeting all Kiwis 15-39, MAX broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is brimming with the latest and best music videos from New Zealand and around the world, chart countdowns, specialist music shows, live concerts and music documentaries and films.

MAX is run by a small dedicated team of staff from within the NZ music industry as well as a diverse range of influencer talent and personalities (e.g. comedians and social media content creators). Unlike The Edge TV (in real life), the channel has a broad appeal format and is designed to cater for a wider audience of music fans, including those with more eclectic tastes. That means covering an array of music genres to satisfy the channel’s target demographic, from rock and pop through to dance and hip hop.

The MAX schedule would begin at 6am each morning by concentrating solely on pop music (including Top 40 hits, chart-topping favourites, new releases and some ‘old school throwbacks from the 2000s & 2010s’). Interactive music programming on MAX would be utilised at various times throughout the week, whereby viewers could choose the videos they want to see via phone, text or social media. Specialist music shows (including more genre specific content) are presented in magazine-style formats and broadcast later in the evening, with an overnight music playlist to follow until 6am the next day.

71 Boston Road in Grafton, Auckland - i.e. the same building used by Three’s nightly current affairs/infotainment talk show, The Project, and, prior to that, the now-defunct YESSHOP (in real life) - would become the main office and studio complex for MAX. It is intended that MAX’s shows, whether live or pre-recorded, would be studio-based and produced in that building.


Targeting all Kiwis aged 30-59, MAX 2 is an extension of the MAX brand and features back-to-back music videos from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and today, without hosts.

Unlike The Breeze TV (in real life), the MAX 2 schedule would combine general music video playlists with dedicated 80s and 90s video shows (daily at 12pm and 4pm), a karaoke-style ‘singalong’ show (Sun-Thu, 7-9pm), an hour-long ‘love songs’ slot (Sun-Thu, 9-10pm), a three-hour slot devoted to classic rock (Sun-Thu, 10pm-1am), a commercial-free party music/request show (Fri-Sat, 7pm-2am) and a weekend morning ‘relax and chill’ slot, similar to Breeze Relax on the rova app (Sat-Sun, 6-9am).


The general rule would be that one particular music video cannot be played more than three times within the same day on both channels, and music videos deemed unsuitable for broadcast on MAX during the daytime must be shown between 9pm and 5am when the content is classified as a 16 programme, i.e. people under 16 years should not view, although the ‘watershed’ (in which programmes are classified 16 or, after 9.30pm, 18 and may contain violence, strong language, sexual and other offensive content) begins at 8.30pm, as usual. After 5am, the content would be classified as a PG programme and recommend parental guidance for younger viewers.

On MAX 2, the content of the music videos would be classified PG at all times.


When it comes to mock graphics, below are the examples of my work with a bilingual format (English and Māori). Each of the two channels has a distinct colour theme; MAX is pink, MAX 2 is blue.

“Now playing” - current song lower-third/super at the start of music video (MAX)

“Now playing” - current song lower-third/super at the start of music video (MAX 2)

“Just played” - current song lower-third/super at the end of music video (MAX)

“Just played” - current song lower-third/super at the end of music video (MAX 2)

Music video request ticker (MAX)

Music video request ticker (MAX 2)

News/weather ticker and time check (MAX)

News/weather ticker and time check (MAX 2)

Contact details (MAX)

All photos contained in the images above are samples only; no copyright infringement intended.