and 10 with Simpsons.

I can’t believe Pointless has not been axed. How low do the ratings need to go?




It’s the only show that has ever worked for them at 6pm. Why they don’t go to FOX and buy Seasons 1-9 (which Seven apparently don’t have the rights) it would at least solve one of their problems.


If people really want to watch episodes of The Simpsons from more than two decades ago, surely they can buy the DVDs or get a Foxtel subscription for FOX8? :confused:


Yeah, buying a 25 year old episodes of a show that is multichannel fodder these days to run at 6pm on the main channel will fix that problem.
You realise how silly that sounds right?


Yes and it’s now 2019 and the TV landscape has since changed to when it ran at 6pm every night.
There’s no way the audience would resemble the same in this day and age.
Move on ole fella. There’s no way 10 would go to fox to buy episodes :joy:


:+1: At Christmas, I asked a group of teens whether they watched The Simpsosns. Their response was “Only old people watch that!” :laughing:


What’s silly is wasting money producing these shows like Family Feud and Pointless knowing there’s no chance of success against Seven/Nine News.

Every show in every timeslot is the same. We know FTA is dying and won’t survive past 2030.


You just shot yourselves in the foot. “Everything is down”. Simpson’s was never a major success at 6pm in comparison to news and now it wouldn’t rate any better than a multichannel figure according to your statement above…
So they might as well just shut down then? Simpson’s or nothing? Ten can’t get simpsons and won’t get Simpsons. End of story, don’t like it change the channel and jog on.
We can all live in the past with hopes but the world keeps changing and evolving.
It’s honestly a broken record convo… so I shall end that there. You’re going to obsess no matter and it’s been the same whining for years from you about it.
I live for the day it gets axed.

Moving back on top and away from a cartoon.
Pointless in my opinion should have been cancelled at the end of last year. A whole rethink of that early time slot format needs to change. 15 min news bytes and other content mixed around it might work? A new idea?


Perhaps a news only version of the project for half an hour. Crossing to reporters around the country and an in-depth feature of the main national story of the day. Not sure what else.

Pointless is struggling big time. It’s a decent show, however the mainstream won’t watch it as they probably don’t understand it and it’s somewhat cheap with its tight arse prize money


At least they know what it is. Ask them if they watch Pointless

My non-Simpsons idea was always for Ten to start primetime proper at 6pm. Basically their strongest shows like Masterchef starting at 6pm.


Na, 6pm is too early for families to settle down for the night.


It’s hard to disagree with these comments.

You know the program isn’t the best fit for Ten when even the Goggleboxers (who in recent seasons, have been mostly positive in their commentary of Network Ten programs IIRC) were bagging Pointless last year with comments to the effect of “the name of the show says it all” and quips about other elements of the show such as the pathetic grand prize of only $2000! :open_mouth:


Really? Not a ringing endorsement if they avoid it like the plague.


I’ve enjoyed watching Pointless, but with the ratings it has been getting, i cant see it in the same timeslot for long.

Out of curiosity, is it worth airing it on Ten (10) in an afternoon slot? They dont give much prizemoney. Could air at 3.30? After Jusge Judy and before the 4pm cooking shows (like Justine Schofield’s show), perhaps? Could build up the daytime momentum into primetime? (Wishful thinking)


At least with Family Feud there was some excitement from the spontaneous answers and people could properly play along at home. Pointless is too…sophisticated…


I feel like Pointless is much more fun to play than Family Feud. FF was all about Denyer, whereas Mark/Andrew have great chemistry and allow the contestants to shine as well.


Each to their own. But I know in my family and with friends, they all used to play along to FF and yell out answers. Pointless comes on and its over to the news.


It’s the exact same thing though, you just have to think of an answer nobody would give as opposed to the most obvious one :thinking:


Yeah but the first thing to pop into your head is easier than obscure things. Maybe im wrong, I don’t know. But I know of a heap of people who loved FF and avoid pointless because its “Not Fun”