How much do you think 10 makes for ad revenue from pointless? I wonder whether they could offer ad free to encourage viewers back.


I actually thought the same thing the other week. Surely given that the audience is so low during that timeslot they couldn’t be making much from it, if they worked in some product integration or placement like HYBPA did then they could try going ad free during 6pm and using that as a point of differed and ideally give the show the extra time it needs.



See I actually watched the British version on ABC or something the other week and I seemed to enjoy it more than ours. It was very similar just longer but for some reason I seemed to take it more seriously. I just think the show works as a more serious game show and doesn’t suit being so short at 6pm weeknights. It probably doesn’t really fit with 10 or the demographics that they are going for which is a problem, and the fact that they don’t get through much in 30 min episodes is probably the main problem/


Recording for Season 2 begins on the 15th of January.


Nice to see the Family Feud fans still have an axe to grind


Although surely the ratings have been well below par (unfortunately it wouldn’t shock me if recent five city combined figures have been below 100k) even by Channel Ten at 6pm standards?


I would still prefer this show to Family Feud, which is past its use-by-date. Yet there are still people who want Family Feud back! Give me a break…


I agree with that.

But with how Pointless has been performing recently, I get the distinct impression there’d probably be speculation about the long term viability of the network (if not the Australian television industry as a whole) if a program on the main channel of Seven or Nine were to receive similar figures! :confused:


It isn’t rating well but it’s pointless (pun intended) to do something else that will probably do the same or even worse in the timeslot. Rumours suggest Celebrity Name Game might replace Pointless but that’s an even worse show than Pointless (plus another dose of Denyer which is yuck).

Having said that, I do feel Pointless would be better at 5pm where it would receive modest figures 300K, with 10 News First going to 5:30 and be able to catch an audience that’s just arriving home.


Fair point I suppose. And yeah, we certainly don’t need more of Grant Denyer on our screens - right up there with Dr Chris & Julia as being one of Ten’s most overexposed personalities!

Mark Humphries is decent enough talent though. If it wasn’t for the ABC’s 7.30 program picking him up, I’d think he’d do a really good job of satirical news segments on The Project (think a similar style to his work for The Feed)! :slight_smile:

As I’ve said before, I personally think Pointless would work better on the ABC or SBS as a lead-in to their main evening news bulletins.

When you think about it, Pointless is kind of like the game/quiz show equivalent of the short lived 6PM/6.30 with George Negus. A worthy enough program, but not really one that appeals to a mainstream commercial TV audience and especially Ten’s!


Soon enough FF reruns will probably return to 6pm with the audience levels of this show


Look it’s a good show but the ratings are diabolical and surely unsustainable. If they’re happy with 200k let them put something cheap there and just leave it. Clearly nothing will ever work at 6 for ten.


Don’t you mean nothing will never work at all for 10? :wink::joy:


I’d be up for Family Feud reruns on BOLD or Peach


Would airing reruns of 2.5men in place of Pointless rate better ?


I doubt it. Anyone who wanted to watch that show would have seen it many times over on Nine.


The only acceptable replacement for Pointless would be a revival of The Roast


That’s an odd way to spell Sale of the Century.


6pm is always going to be 7 and 9 with news…