They oughta pull it now. Under 193k last night, Family Feud repeats would rate higher, or news at six.


So it appears that the ABC are still airing the UK version of Pointless. I thought they had dropped it months ago until I noticed my dad watching it on the Foxtel IQ. Surely that’s got to be eating into the Australian version’s ratings?

I enjoy both, honestly, but I don’t think that it’s suited for a commercial network like Ten (especially Ten’s demographics - it’s much more suited to an ABC audience).

I don’t see why the ABC didn’t pick the Australian version up - it’s designed for an absolute shoestring budget and would be well suited.


I would’ve thought SBS might’ve been more interested in picking up Pointless instead. It might rate better than Letters and Numbers repeats.


How many of the posters here moaning about Pointless actually watch Pointless?


You have a point.

As a society we’ve become a bunch of whingers and experts since social media became a thing.

I like to dip intio Pointless from time to time, much more than the UK version.


I have watched both the original and our one and gave up on both because they became repetitive and tedious.


And Family Feud wasn’t repetitive? The Chase etc. isn’t repetitive? All quiz shows are repetitive by nature. Pointless to me is more interesting because you have to come up with a rare answer if possible. Anyway, each to their own, I like it. I will be disappointed if (or more likely when) it is cancelled early in 2019. So far I’ve watched every episode.


They’re still casting for the show.


Most of them are probably die hard Family Feud fans. I seriously can’t fathom how anyone could watch that show.



They are doing more episodes? This is a worry.


When Pointless is axed, will they bring back Family Feud or revive Deal or No Deal/Wheel of Fortune which were popular game shows during their heyday


I think they need to move away from the gameshow genre slightly. I vote for Come Dine With Me Australia!


Yep new auditions held this week. I had been asked to come along to Sydney but given I’m in Melbourne and they said they don’t pay for airfares even if you’re successful it didn’t seem like a worthwhile trip. Every other game show I’ve ever known has paid for flights for contestants who get past the audition stage.

I do think the prize money needs to be $5000 per night and then build the pool from there.


No it wouldn’t be worth it. The prize money wouldn’t even really justify the airfare.


The show just needs to be moved to a different timeslot and some promotion, there is nothing really wrong with it.


No I really like the show. Just isn’t working. It just makes me wonder whether a gameshow is the right way to go.


Go Pointless, but it’s really Pointless for me to say I love this show and have seen every episode so far! :smile: Unfortunately there are too many oldies stuck on 9 and 7 watching (pointless) news and crappy shows like ACA. Don’t admonish me, I’m an oldie. :crazy_face::


Way too many puns.


Really? Turdall the punster killer! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: