Well, maybe the multichannels will be less focused on one genre and will become more like the multichannels in Australia.


Sure, pose it as a question so the wild speculation can be dismissed as such once it turns out to be false.

Is Family Double Dare the show to replace Pointless??


Easter? That’s a bit generous. With the ratings of late (hasn’t it recently struggled to stay above the 300k and even the 200k mark?), I’d honestly be surprised if Pointless was still on the air in 2019!

Again, I probably should stress that I see absolutely no joy in TV programs being axed if that results in job losses - particularly in behind the scenes/production roles. But the cold hard reality of the Australian television industry is that shows need to rate if they’re to have any chance of being renewed.


If they just keep the revolving game show door open, they won’t have job losses right? That’s how it works right? Right?

pisstake aside, wouldn’t be a half crocked idea to just recycle the current staff on Pointless to the new gameshow. They’re all competent in their current job, so their skills wouldn’t go amiss with the same theory, different application/content.

If anything, Rochie could be the assistant from 8 out of 10 cats does countdown


We’ve already heard that they’ve filmed enough episodes for the show to run into January 2019.


I saw an ad for audience tickets this week…


The link to audience tickets on the TenPlay website says the event has ended.


CNBC US’ primetime lineup focuses on ‘business entertainment programming’ (eg; it relies heavily on showing past seasons of Shark Tank). Additionally, repeats of DOND (during its initial run on NBC) aired on CNBC


anyone know whats happening with Pointless ?..The numbers are diabolical now under 200k
Has it been renewed ?


Ten have said that it will be on in 2019 but I think that would be a mistake. Pointless has no traction and should be replaced with something else.


There have been enough episodes recorded to take it into 2019. They will probably keep it on air until they have a replacement program. They still need Aussie content.


I quite like the show but maybe it’s just the 6pm slot that isn’t doing it any favours. I guess the problem is Pointless appeals to a “smarter” audience than Family Feud who in turn may prefer to watch news at 6pm.

I think Ten should have the balls and commit to 6pm news again and do something like this:

5:00pm - Ten News First
5:30pm - Pointless
6:00pm - Ten News First
6:30pm - The Project


I agree that this schedule would be ideal, however I think for Pointless to succeed it needs to be expanded from it’s 30 min time slot as most of the feedback I’ve read says it’s too quick.


It’s a shame because it’s a good format and these hosts are half decent. But the ratings are diabolical.

Even local news at 6 would do better than 200k. If local news can even do 350k then it’s better and probably worth it given the cost of pointless.


That’s a big “if”.


Haven’t missed an episode of Pointless since it started! The rapport between Mark and the ‘Doc’ is excellent. Too bad about the ratings they are not IMO a barometer of a good program. I know it’s commercial TV and money (commercials) talk but if this show is cancelled at 6pm it needs to be shown later in the night. If not, 10 should give these two a late night talk show. Mark Humphries will be a ‘star’ somewhere on the TV landscape. Such a better, more likeable and talented host than Grant Denyer.


They filmed enough episodes to take then to end of January 2019 so technically they can make the announcement that the show will continue in 2019.

Beyond January has not been announced.


They’re still canvassing for contestants as well.


Anybody notice that the show looked different tonight? Not clear and crisp as usual and the movement was stilted.


That mainly seems to be from fans of the original. I hadn’t seen it until I watched the local version, and I found the original far too slow.

He was already known for his work on The Roast and The Feed for starters, though obviously both of those had/have a smaller audience than Pointless.