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I can’t quite understand why this show isn’t growing at all. It’s such an easy watch and I think Mark and Andrew are a great double act.

It looks like Ten will be replacing this with something new for 6pm for 2019, which is a shame as I enjoy the comedy that comes through this format.


Because after watching a few episodes you get bored. I don’t think a show like this is suited to Ten and the audience it attracts. I used to watch it at the start but dropped it because there is too many good things to watch than a rushed, repetitive quiz show. The UK version is much better.


I think they should’ve had the original format of 45 minutes and push The Project to 6:45. TP isn’t exactly winning at 6:30 anyway so it’s worth a try IMO.


I was just thinking the same thing. I’ve watched it this week and now I understand the show I find it a lot more enjoyable to watch.

The only issue its hard to play along at home because its hard to think of the pointless answers. And lets be honest Australian’s aren’t the smartest of people.



:hocho::hocho::hocho::hocho::hocho: are out.


Mark getting desperate for ratings now.


He has a point.

I actually don’t mind pointless, but it was never going to be successful in that timeslot and condensed so much into 30 mins.

It’s also possibly on the wrong network, but I don’t see why Ten couldn’t make it work earlier.

Be interesting to see if we know about any changes to the early evening lineup around this time tomorrow…


Ahh, I see what you did there! :wink:

Pointless would probably be a great program on the ABC or SBS leading to their news, but bridging the gap between the 5pm news and The Project on Ten? Hmm, not sure about that.


Hope they announce the axing of pointless tomorrow. Enjoyed FF 1000X More. Now its the news at 6pm for me :frowning:


Apparently Deal or No Deal is replacing Pointless according to Kevin Perry.


where is this mentioned?

Shame if its true, I was sincerely hoping for the Sale of the Century


Kevin Perry’s Twitter.


Thanks I’ve seen it now through here


And so the revolving door of gameshows begins.


I can’t see Pointless running after Easter by the looks of it.


Could do a test run with this over ‘non-ratings’. :smiley:


Why on earth does a Finance network have a game show? Next we’ll be getting re-runs of Hot Seat on Your Money.