It’s also not like a longer Pointless is going to rate higher than The Project.


And would probably cost more to produce (ie only producing 4x 45 minute episodes per day rather than 5x 30 minute episodes).


I hadn’t watched the UK version until after I saw the local adaption. I found it painfully slow. I like the fast paced half hour format,


Is it me or has something changed on the show tonight? The audience seemed a lot louder and more prominent throughout the show.


If you never saw the UK version you probably wouldn’t have a problem with it. You’re comparing the version that is produced by the BBC and the one that’s on a Commercial station. I think 30 mins is enough.


Yeah they have been told to ham it up a bit I think especially with the whooping as the scores count down on the board. I don’t mind it - adds a bit more excitement I think.




Last night i watched for first time in a couple of weeks and Andrew mentioned that the pointless answers are on Tenplay


Ten’s promo department getting pretty creative with the promos this week:


Maybe/hopefully the promo team got a kick up the arse after the woeful promotion of pilot week.


I wouldn’t turn down $2000, but it’s not particularly dazzling.


i agree.
I’d change the final round so that if the contestants get both the final answers as pointless, the prize money doubles.


A grand prize of $2000 is probably all Channel Ten can afford though. :stuck_out_tongue:


BBC gives even less at 1000 pounds.


BBC - $10 billion annual budget

Ten - $350ish million operating expenses


actuallllly the exchange rate means that most of the time £1 is $2, so it’s the same amount most of the time (of course the rate fluctuates all the time, but it isn’t as bad as you’d have us believe).


What a load of garbage. Haven’t you heard that CBS owns TEN? Probably got lots more money than 9 or 7!


I wasn’t being entirely serious with that comment, hence the emoticon choice!


Calm down, he was just joking.


I’m perfectly calm thanks. How are you? :yum: