Yep. They stopped airing it as of yesterday.


It aired as normal on (WIN) Eleven.


Endomol Shine may have pulled the show now that Ten has the rights to the format. I reckon ratings for Pointless on Ten might tick up slightly as a result if it’s the only version on FTA TV.


I remember seeing on the TV Guide the other week that the ABC was showing the UK Pointless at like 3.15pm.


pointless has been totally dropped from the abc tv guide


So it must have been quite recent then.


Yes, it was dropped as of this Friday.


Week of Winners promo, I’ve heard an ad for this on Nova Brisbane a couple of times today as well.


What’s the incentive to watch the final round then since you already know everyone wins the jackpot this week?


The show is now offering viewers a chance to win a holiday in Los Cabos, Mexico.


I dont think anything will lure viewers now. I stopped watching it last week because I don’t like how rushed it is and that there is barely any interaction with the contestants.


A fairly long Pointless preview is airing between HYBPA? and Street Smart tonight, appears to be just winners.


That Pointless preview was really strange. It ran for 3:30 mins


What a boring show. It’s goodbye from me. Goodbye! :sunglasses:


One of the best shows on TV at present!


I enjoy it as well - my favourite thing is the fact it’s 30 min. The Chase and Hot Seat really just drag on at an hour.


That’s the main thing I hate about. It’s way too rushed compared to the original, especially the final round. I also hate that they dont show the pointless answers on screen for the people watching at home.


I’m warming to the show, not really appointment viewing for me though.


People complaining its rushed…you’ll probably complain if it was the full hour too! :joy:


I know I wouldn’t because that’s the my biggest complaint of the show. I have no problems with the UK version. It’s not like the first half hour of The Project rates anyway so they could easily make Pointless longer if the wanted to.