Ten was renowned for it. What they lost in TP they made up for in demos and usually won the demos.

Now if you compare Pointless demos to Seven/Nine News, Pointless would be a distant third in all demos.


Yeah but not in the demos that the networks are targeting.


It is up to Ten to be consistent with that every time and stop mentioning total people regardless of whether they do well in tp or not, otherwise it is a bit difficult to complain.


7 Night Hawaiian holiday for 4 giveaway happening, looks like the codewords start next week during the show.


Pointless attempt to get more viewers to watch. Start writing the obituary.


I think it’s more the media that focuses on total viewers. I think the networks are slowly moving towards highlighting demos more especially as tv viewing fragments as the years go by.


Ten has scheduled Pointless at 8pm weeknights from next Monday airing on Eleven, replacing Will & Grace.


In lieu of or in addition to the 6pm screening? What will be the 6pm replacement then?


It will be the encore of the 6pm broadcast.


So, would there be two sets of ratings one for 6pm on TEN and one for 8pm on Eleven?
Or will it be combined results like the recent simulcast?


Theyre not a simulcast, so two different sets of figures. Same as The Project live and then the replay.


And in WIN regions that air Pointless on Eleven at 6pm, it appears that the Frasier that was disappearing from that timeslot is now airing in the 8pm timeslot. Was W&G earlier on when I checked the EPG, now updated to Frasier.


Finally watched a show in full recently. The show’s format is not bad, only a tad fast (should do the usual 45 minutes like the UK and push The Project to 6:45, it’s not as if the ratings for The Project is crash hot at 6:30 anyway). Dr Andrew and Mark work together quite well, certainly better than Grant ‘Shorty McShort’ Denyer.

I’m certainly hoping that Ten are willing to persist and let this show thrive, it’s 1000x better than Family Feud already.


I liked the clip I saw online of Mark Humphries making a royal wedding joke. Very Blankety Blanks. Making this 45 mins and The Project 45mins wouldn’t be an awful idea.


Fun promo for Pointless


Excellent. Ten need to pump out more of these and let the humour sell the show to people. Mark and Andrew genuinely seem like they get along which is the show’s biggest selling point I think.



Pointless was not shown today due to the swearing in of Scott Morrison as PM. It will be shown 6 pm Sunday instead.


Can’t remember if I read it here but the ABC is going to stop airing the UK Pointless for some reason. Has the Ten version damaged the brand?


Unlikely, there’s only so many times you can cycle through repeats of the same show though.