Hardly surprising from you but the problem is that the wider audience does not want to watch American sitcom repeats. Unless it’s on a multichannel where lower ratings don’t matter.


If Ten had the rights to Big Bang, I can guarantee the ratings would be higher than Pointless. They just need to find the right show.


Not these days. That show has run its course. People will still watch news over any American sitcom.


Big Bang would maybe rate 400k at best. New episodes on Nine don’t get much higher than 730k.


Maybe I’m missing something but even last night (Tues 31 July) in Sydney it was on roadblock simulcast.

Watching Channel 11 tonight, there was an 5-second ad which said something “Looking for Pointless? Switch over to 10… NOW!”


Yes, it hasn’t set the ratings on fire but it hasn’t reduced the audience either. Let the show bed down for a couple of weeks and see if it grows.


Yep. It’s back to Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs on Eleven.


… and Star Trek: The Next Generation on One.


Ending the simulcast on a random Wednesday night. Interesting.


It ended last night (Tuesday) in Sydney, Wednesday night was the first night without the roadblock. Not sure of the other capitals or regionals.


I’m enjoying this. A lot more fast paced compared to the British version, though they could probably cut out half of the cutaways to Andrew.


That’s my problem with this show, it’s way too rushed, especially the final round and Mark Humphries is way too over the top as the host. As for reducing the cutaways to Andrew, I fully disagree as the banter between the two hosts is what makes this show work.


Agree, Andrew and Mark have good chemistry. Mark has grown on me, he has got a good sense of humour.


He’s a bit cringe but the show is quite entertaining. Takes some thinking to get some of the answers.



The best take out I guess from the article is this:

More encouragingly, Pointless’ online catch-up audience is five times larger than Family Feud’s .

Clearly, people are sampling the show in their own time. If Ten can get them watching its live broadcasts – and hold its nerve just a little longer – it’ll give Pointless the best chance at success.

I think the show has great potential to grow. IMO it’s far more watchable and funny than Family Feud ever was.


The other thing that is really obvious looking at the numbers is how much better Pointless is doing in the 25-54 demos compared to FF. That’s the number that Ten would be looking at.

… the 25 to 54 demographic coveted by Ten. In that age group, Pointless is doing well: up 31 per cent compared to Family Feud .


Totals are the issue Ten keep hitting the wall with, with much of it’s slate. It’s demos are very good, and that’s what matters but to everyone else it looks like they are flatlining.


That’s why I think there should be more focus on the demos. I think a network would prefer a show that was rating 600k but had a really high percentage of younger viewers as opposed to a show rating 1m+ with 50+% being in the 55 and older age group.


Wouldnt that still be more viewers in the demos tomorrow.