I’m quite enjoying Pointless but I think it’s more a Thursday 7.30pm or Saturday 7pm type show. It also doesn’t fit with Ten’s audience.

I think they do have the potential to do okay in the 6pm timeslot but need something innovative and clever - maybe a live cooking show - Masterclass dinner live, or an Australian version of Judge Judy . . .


They’ve tried other 6pm game shows in the past. Jeopardy, Battle of the Sexes, Taken Out etc which all failed and they went back to Simpsons. I don’t think the landscape has changed that much since 2013 to make the comparison invalid.Netflix, Youtube and multichannels were all around back then.


You do realise that The Simpsons is not an option anyway? Ten don’t own it.


Like it was said before, there wasn’t such a fragmentation in the viewing market. But by all means, keep beating the dead horse of the unfunny crap that is The Simpsons.


Didn’t Netflix officially launch in the Australian market around Early 2015?

Another important thing to remember: analogue TV transmissions were still running in Sydney & Melbourne this time five years ago!


Conversations keep repeating once again on these threads! :joy:


How do you think the landscape hasn’t changed? Look at shows like MKR, The Voice, House Rules, Home and Away etc. they’re all on a sharp ratings decline (and they were top rating shows at the time, whilst Simpsons didn’t even win the timeslot). Heck even the news programs are rating below what they used to in 2013. What makes you think that Simpsons won’t do the same?


How much decline for Simpsons? Even if it was down 30% (around 100k) it would still beat what Pointless rated last night (excl Eleven and One).

You brought up Simpsons. :slight_smile:

The next conversation should be how long until Pointless is axed.


I don’t think Pointless aired on ONE or Eleven last night, as the listings are different to what the EPG says.


Family Feud lasted 4 years with similar ratings. Dont understand all the scrutiny for the Pointless ratings when there wasn’t half as much discussion regarding Family Feud’s ratings.


Some people can’t handle change and want to go back to their childhood.


Didn’t Family Feud regularly make it to the top 20 ? Pointless hasn’t the last few days…


No it wasn’t, not for the last year or 2 at least.

No surprises that Pointless has dropped off from launch after the initial interest wore off and is not making it into the top 20 either.


Survey says



Pointless’s pointless roadblock appears to be over.


Yep, they only aired it across the three channels for its first week. Looking at last night’s ratings Pointless rated in the 300k region, pretty much the same as Family Feud. TBH I think anything Ten put there would get similar ratings.


Did Ten ever try Modern Family stripped at 6pm before it lost the rights?


No they didn’t


They would have needed to heavily edit them for a G timeslot.


Classification issues aside, I wouldn’t mind seeing a US sitcom stripped at 6pm. Perhaps Superstore? (Pity Ten don’t have the rights to anything)