Buckle up and take a ride down memory lane with new podcast series ‘Cars That Made Australia’


From the Datsun 180B, to the Valiant Charger, and iconic Holden Commodore, everyone has a memory of the cars that have made their way into the hearts of millions of Aussies.

In the eight-part podcast series, Cars That Made Australia, which launches today, comedian Tim “Rosso” Ross takes listeners on a ride down memory lane, exploring our long-standing love affair with the humble automobile.

Whether it was the car your parents brought you home from the hospital in (potentially without being secured properly), or the one you crammed into on those hot summer road trips; the model you saved up for when you were a teenager, or the car your mate had that represented freedom on four wheels… this is the story of the people who drove them and the people that rode in them; the story of the Cars That Made Australia.

Through a mix of personal anecdotes and in-depth interviews with passionate owners, sentimental back seat drivers, auto experts and industry insiders, the podcast explores the significant role that cars have played in shaping Australia’s culture and society over the decades… and let us let out our inner bogan.

“Cars are our first big purchase and when our mum or dad or our grandparents got a new car it was the biggest thing going round”, said Ross.

“Telling our stories, big and small is important to me and I know that people are so nostalgic about the cars that have moved us around this fantastic country. I can’t wait to bring these stories to life in this new podcast series with Nine.”

Over the series, Tim Ross chats with the likes of Merrick Watts on his adventures in the infamous Leyland P76; acclaimed Australian director Fred Schepisi about being at the helm of the legendary ‘Hey Charger’ ad campaign; and Alex Kyriakopoulos, who worked on the production line at Holden for 14 years and was there as the very final vehicle rolled off the line.

Whether you’re a passionate car lover or just a nostalgic Aussie who grew up in the golden age of family sedans and affordable hatchbacks, Cars That Made Australia offers an entertaining reflection on the unique mark cars have made on our social history.

Episode one of Cars That Made Australia is available from Thursday 20 April and will be dropping every week.

Listen here and wherever you get your podcasts.


Take a trip through sporting history with some of the most extraordinary, untold tales from around the world in the new podcast, The Pool Room with Tony Armstrong.

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National Indigenous Television (NITV) have launched a new video podcast that’s full of laughs and banter, bringing together NITV’s First Nations digital team yarning about life, love, and everything in between.

From ghost stories to making sure you’re not crushing on a cousin, Goodways is the new First Nations vodcast full of lively chat about identity, childhood and relationships.

Hosted by NITV’s Jodan Perry (Worimi and Wiradjuri), Jonah Johnson (Wiradjuri), Alexis Moran (Wakka Wakka and Yuin), Jason Haji-Ali (Yawuru) and Bronte Charles (Bundjalung and Mununjali) – the crew bring personal perspectives from right around the country.

Co-host and Head of Digital at NITV, Jodan Perry said: “Goodways is the feeling of sitting round yarning up with your cousins. It’s a space where we can kick back and talk all the things that make us Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, our successes, strengths, beauty, all in a relaxed, and cheeky way,” he said

“This year is going to be really heavy with the Referendum, so we wanted something different, non-political or news-driven, just our people being our authentic selves, having a laugh and smiling up.”

Episode one, Jonah, Jodan and Lex chat about childhood, school life and university and episode two deals with relationships, dating and friendships, including how to make sure you’re not related to your crush.

Producer Monique Horadam said, “Goodways is a Murri word, and you can use it in a variety of ways: tacked on to the end of something if you’re being a bit snarky or to make fun – it’s a light-hearted fun term that mob use,” she said.

The first full episode of Goodways is available on the NITV website, NITV YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.


LiSTNR today released the first episode of new original podcast Blak Matters; an exploration of First Nations issues, and why they matter. Published weekly, each episode provides an honest conversation between accomplished radio presenter, 104.1 2DayFM’s Michael ‘MC’ Christian, and his long-time friend Teela Reid.

Teela Reid is a proud Wiradjuri and Wailwan woman, rebellious lawyer, essayist, storyteller and co-founder of @blackfulla_bookclub, a platform that honours First Nations’ ancestors as the original storytellers. In 2022, Teela was awarded the Indigenous Leader of the year at the Australian Law Awards and the Marie Claire Voice of Now. Currently, Reid is a Sydney-based Senior Solicitor practicing in Aboriginal Land Rights litigation and is the inaugural practitioner in residence at the University of Sydney Law School. She is also an accomplished public speaker and was a working group leader in the constitutional dialogues that culminated in the Uluru Statement from the Heart, a pivotal moment leading to the 2023 referendum.

With the forthcoming referendum, Blak Matters is an engaging and welcoming space for all Australians to become more informed on what has led to this point, what the Voice means, and how it could change the future of Australia. The podcast is focussed on sharing stories and explaining the context of Aboriginal affairs leading to the Voice.

Blak Matters co-host, Teela Reid, said: “Blak Matters is an important project that aims to centre First Nations issues and activism in our national life and the lives of everyday Australians. These crucial conversations have the power to change the very trajectory of our nation’s story. This is a significant year, not just for First Nations peoples, but for all Australians, therefore it’s essential that when people get to the ballot box for the Voice to Parliament, they have all the information to make the right choice.

“Blak issues ought to matter every day to all of us because we are all living and working on stolen Aboriginal land. On Blak Matters, we’re going to have lots of different yarns about Blak matters and how they matter to the rest of the nation.”

Blak Matters co-host, Michael Christian, said: “Teela and I have known each other since school and so, each episode is us having a real and meaningful conversation. As a country, we are approaching a golden opportunity that could shape the future for generations to come. This isn’t a First Nations issue; this is an Australian issue. I hope that through this podcast we can entertain and educate, to make people’s vote on the Voice more straightforward.”

LiSTNR Original Podcasts Head of News and Information, Melanie Withnall, said: “We are extremely proud of the team who created this informative and valuable content and that it further extends the LiSTNR newsroom’s high quality local and national news podcasts such as The Briefing.”

The first episode of Blak Matters is available now on LiSTNR or wherever you get your podcasts.


The Hit Network’s The Jimmy & Nath Show today launched a new podcast series, Born Funny, on LiSTNR. Hosted by the Hit Network’s very own loveable larrikins, Jimmy Smith and Nath Roye, the podcast is a deep dive into when Australia’s funniest humans first knew they were funny.

Best mates Jimmy and Nath, who love to laugh on their radio show, spend the series talking to a variety of comedy content creators and personalities to ask the question “are you born funny?”. The conversations are loose and funny, like a chat with a mate at the pub, but also raw and vulnerable as listeners discover that being funny isn’t always an easy journey full of punch lines.

Sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking, guests will reflect, re-tell and revisit times in their lives that helped shape their successful comedic careers. The new series will feature deep conversations with Australia’s leading comedy names including 2DayFM’s Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes, 101.9 The Fox’s Nick Cody, Geraldine Hickey, Luke McGregor, Cal Wilson, Gen Fricker and LiSTNR’s Aunty Donna and Matt Okine.

Together Jimmy and Nath have spent more than ten years honing their radio craft, bringing laugh out loud content to listeners. Hosting the Hit Network’s Late Nights and Weekend Breakfast shifts, The Jimmy & Nath Show showcases the boys’ laid-back style mixed with clever and incisive observations, and their enormous hearts.

“We surround ourselves with funny people all the time, it’s an addiction really, but it’s time to sit down and find out where their funny actually came from,” Jimmy and Nath said.

“By wading through the odd stories, self-deprecation and ‘boom-tish’s’ floating around their minds, we hope to uncover the true relationship these unique people have with humour but that’s if we can stop laughing. Apologies in advance!”

Listen to The Jimmy & Nath Show’s Born Funny now on LiSTNR or wherever you get your podcasts.


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LiSTNR retained its no.1 position as Australia’s largest podcast network with more than 7.267 million listeners during April with 21 podcasts in the top 50 of the Australian Podcast Ranker.

Hamish & Andy is once again Australia’s no. 1 comedy podcast and 7am with Schwartz Media again the no. 1 news podcast in the Top 150 Australian Podcast Ranker.

The LiSTNR network has seven podcasts in the top 20 including Crime Junkie, SmartLess, Morbid, The Howie Games, and Just the Gist. LiSTNR also has the most podcasts in the Top 50 including It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield, Triple M Rocks Footy AFL, The Briefing, Darling, Shine!, My Favorite Murder, Triple M’s Rush Hour with JB and Billy, Chat 10 Looks 3, 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer, Triple M’s The Marty Sheargold Show, The Scorecard, Sports Bizarre, The Mel Robbins Podcast and Just For Girls.

LiSTNR’s podcasts saw strong listener increases on the Australian Podcast Ranker, led by sport and comedy titles. Sports Bizarre, hosted by Titus O’Reily and Mick Molloy, jumped 36 places into the top 50 podcasts at no. 46, Triple M Rocks Footy AFL and Triple M Rocks Footy NRL both rose 21 places to no. 24 and no. 62 respectively.

WILOSOPHY, hosted by Wil Anderson, which moved to LiSTNR last year, climbed 19 spots and into the top 100 podcasts at no. 93, while KICPOD rose nine places and Motley Fool Money was up eight places.

The newly published crime fiction You Don’t Know Me and DM Podcasts’ The Footy with Broden Kelly both made their debut in the top 150 podcasts.

On the All Australian Podcast Ranker, the Jess Rowe Big Talk Show jumped 46 places and into the top 100 at no. 73 while Adelaide’s no. 1 breakfast show podcast, Triple M Breakfast with Roo, Ditts and Loz was up 17 spots to no. 90 and also is now in the top 100 podcasts.

“Today is another strong result for all of the teams that continue to work with our highly talented creators. Whether they be new or existing, radio or original podcasts, right across
the business everyone has contributed as LiSTNR continues to be the number one podcast network, offering advertisers more ways to reach the ever-expanding podcast audience in
Australia,” SCA Executive Head LiSTNR Podcasts, Grant Tothill, said.

Sources: Australian Podcast Ranker Top 150 Podcasts – April 2023, and ^Australian Podcast Ranker - Top Sales Representatives – April 2023

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Hannah Clarke’s story told in new podcast to launch during Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month

It was a day that shocked Australia. The day Hannah Clarke and her three young children Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey were tragically killed by their father and Hannah’s estranged husband, dousing them in petrol and setting them on fire in a quiet suburban street.

  • May is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in Australia.
  • New podcast ‘Hannah’s Story’ delves into the story of the brutal murder of Hannah Clarke and her children at the hands of their father; her estranged husband.
  • Host Melissa Downes speaks to family, friends, first responders, witnesses, domestic violence experts and political leaders to help protect victims, and find out what needs to be done to make sure it never happens again.

It was a day that shocked Australia. The day Hannah Clarke and her three young children Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey were tragically killed by their father and Hannah’s estranged husband, dousing them in petrol and setting them on fire in a quiet suburban street.

The incomprehensible act of domestic violence sparked a wave of outrage, shock, and grief across Australia, but most importantly, started a national conversation about a form of domestic violence few had even heard of – coercive control.

Respected 9News Queensland presenter, Melissa Downes, was one of the reporters covering the story of Hannah and her children that day. Standing on the street in the Brisbane suburb of Camp Hill, Melissa was left at a complete loss as to how something like this could have happened, and how to explain it to the rest of Australia.

It is a story that has stayed with her ever since.

“As heartbreaking and confronting as this story is, it needs to be told so we can learn and better understand coercive control”, said Melissa.

Now, three years on, Melissa and Nine Producer, Jess Lodge, are launching their labour of love to Hannah and her children – a six-part podcast series called ‘Hannah’s Story’.

The series leaves no stone unturned. Across each episode, listeners are shared details from the weeks and months, even years, leading up to the crime that the public hasn’t been told. Melissa also sits down with Hannah’s family, friends, first responders, witnesses, domestic violence experts and political leaders – some speaking for the very first time – to reveal the whole story… Hannah’s Story.

Melissa explains, “This podcast is a rare opportunity to look at every element of a domestic violence situation – from the relationship, to the crime, through to the coronial inquest.”

The details will shock you as Melissa and Jess delve into the shameful scourge of domestic violence and coercive control in Australia, with the overarching goal to try and understand what needs to change to protect other women, and men, in abusive relationships, and ensure this never happens again.

They also hope to help spread the important messages that Hannah’s parents, Sue and Lloyd, advocate through their organisation, Small Steps 4 Hannah.

‘Hannah’s Story’ is currently No.2 on Spotify in True Crime and No.6 in Top Podcasts Australia wide. The first two episodes launch on Monday 22 May, with episodes dropping each week.

Listen everywhere you get your podcasts.
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… that adapts the content based on the listener’s location.

The podcast is touted as being “one of the world’s most technically advanced news podcasts” in the way it delivers unique news based on the listener’s geo-location and condenses the information into under 3-minute episodes.

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Following the announcement that LiSTNR has forged a strategic partnership with DM Podcasts, both parties are delighted to reveal that the first title to result from this collaboration is the popular Sit With Us podcast.

Hosted by Married at First Sight alumni Domenica Calarco and Ella May Ding, the podcast, which is available on LiSTNR from today, is an invitation to listeners to sit and chat all things relationships, reality TV, pop culture and everything in between. With Dom fresh out of the jungle following her latest appearance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Ella and Dom are ready with a new season of Sit With Us to inspire and empower their audience, as well as taking a no holds barred approach to breaking down the latest news and pop culture.

DM Podcasts is an independent podcast company founded by the team behind The Betoota Advocate and creates and curates podcasts across the comedy, society and culture, and sports genres. Other DM titles on LiSTNR include Just For Girls, Ain’t That Swell, When We Grow Up, and Where’s Your Head At?. As part of the strategic podcast partnership, DM podcasts, including Sit With Us, will be hosted and distributed by LiSTNR - Australia’s fastest growing digital audio destination.

DM Podcasts Founder, Antony Stockdale, said: “DM Podcasts is thrilled to be working with such talented podcasters as Dom and Ella and their management team at The Gifted Group. This is the first collaboration of its kind since DM joined forces with LiSTNR, and we are thrilled to be welcoming in a new era for top Aussie podcasters.

“As we had anticipated, the partnership with LiSTNR allows us to provide opportunities for independent podcasters to continue to make unique and engaging content, while accessing the scale and security of Australia’s largest audio network.” SCA Executive Head, LiSTNR Podcasts, Grant Tothill, said: “Securing the Sit With Us podcast as our first collaboration with DM Podcasts is a fantastic result. The podcast complements our LiSTNR podcast slate and we’re looking forward to working closely with Antony and the team at DM Podcasts in helping Dom and Ella grow and monetise their audience.”

Listen to the Sit With Us podcast now on LiSTNR or whenever you get your podcasts.

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