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I think sky does some bulk buys with some shows which is how they end up with random programmes, I always thought prime was a channel that is meant to preview what you can expect if you have sky. I think they should go with that idea. Have themed nights showing programes from other sky channels like discovery turbo or living channel ect


That was very much the plan, or was at least talked about when Sky did buy Prime


That would make a lot of sense…

Wonder how long Crowd goes wild will last under the new boss. And the agreement with mediaworks for prime news?

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I’d say it will stay or be part of a wider sports line up.

Prime News I don’t think is going anywhere its easy money for sky and easy money for Media Works


The influence of the new boss has already been clear in recent weeks.

For the last couple of rounds in rugby’s Six Nations (from the Nothern Hemisphere), Sky did a pre-game and post-game show for all games anchored by Huw Beynon and with a panel of 3 players. Sky has never done that before, considering it’s in the middle of the night early breakfast hours .

My pick: Sky gets rid of its movie contracts, perhaps apart from Box Office premieres and retains maybe 1 movie channel.

Rather enjoying this podcast, dropping weekly.

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DWTS promos have dropped, caught one last night - neon themed, same song used in the “dance battle” ones rolled our last year.

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Would prefer Jason Gunn as co host rather than dai henwood but it’s great to dream.
Who are the stars this year .

Top tip. Just listened to the first two eps, it’s no friggen wonder Melody Rules failed!

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Whoa, wasn’t expecting to be stalked by Maori TV on MediaSpy…

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Four stars have been announced to join Mike McRoberts, who was announced last year if I’m not mistaken. TV presenter Jude Dobson, cook/entrepreneur Nadia Lim, social media influencer William Wairua & former Warriors player Manu Vatuvei.

Matilda Green was announced alongside Mike, but has since pulled out since becoming pregnant.

An amazing lineup I’m soo looking forward to the rest to be announced I really hope Jason Gunn is going to take part
But three I’m sure will surprise us
Judith Collins would be great also


Jason Gunn is 50? wtf I remember watching him on The Son of a Gunn Show .

Could be a slam-dunk for Prime, or bounce off the backboard… NBL every thursday night from tonight, could be a sign of a sportier channel to come… Screenscribe article here.

MAFS finale is on tonight. If the show wasn’t so long, I would schedule it after the 6pm news on Sunday to lead-in the DWTS premiere.

My pick is there’ll be plenty more to come. I don’t know if it will extend to rugby but i can see Prime being a sport ‘taster’ channel. The NBL is so niche it’s hard to tell if this is a good idea. The fact it’s live is a big factor.

Thursday not an ideal for it but hard to start DWTS cleanly otherwise, yep.
I wonder if next year Three might try and go same-day-plus-1 on it to reduce spoilers.

If Three were to show MAFS on the same nights as Australia, it will mean 9.30pm NZT on Monday-Wednesday and 9pm NZT on Sundays, which may be too late for some fans.

In this day of recording and streaming, don’t think that’d be much of a problem.

Sorry, meant the day after. Could have worded that better. They would lose a Sunday night anchor though if they did that.

Big Brother finales were in the past shown live on TV2 before the ratings tanked.

Watched a bit of Three lately, they really go to a lot of effort with the brand. The promos for different shows using different variations of the logo (such as a lego +HR=E for the new Lego Masters Australia), quite cool. :+1: