Chris and Craig from the chaser have launched a new podcast for the election “Democracy Sausage” - but it’s only going to be accessible via the ABC Listen app

Are the ABC going down the same path as the BBC?

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Yes, it seems. However, The Chaser’s Democracy Sausage is available on the ABC website.

Oddly, there is another podcast also called Democracy Sausage from the ANU.

Such a horrible TV show - that’s spawned such a wonderful podcast.


I’m about 10 episodes behind.m but really enjoying Sizzletown. (Not to be confused with S-Town)

Just found out Optus Sport has its own soccer podcasts called The GegenPod. It began in November 2018.

Seven launched a new podcast Better Ideas last month, in which Better Homes and Gardens’ Peter Colquhoun chats with experts, enthusiasts and the Better Homes and Garden TV crew. You can listen to the episodes via the link below or the Acast app.

Seven News’ podcast The Lady Vanishes, about the 1997 disappearance of Gold Coast teacher Marion Barter (former wife of Australian soccer great Johnny Warren), is a big success, hitting one million downloads in just six weeks.

Channel 10 Perth’s local footy show The Western Front, is back as a podcast

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Interesting addition to 10’s foray into podcasting with 10 Speaks.

This year, Seven’s House Rules has its own podcast called Style Rules, hosted by Home Beautiful editor Sarah Burman. There is an episode every Tuesday with six episodes already available.

A new podcast series by Julia Gillard.

Where’s William Tyrrell?

In this new 10 Speaks podcast, 10 News First’s Lia Harris presents the full story of the little boy in the Spiderman suit, who disappeared from the yard of his grandmother’s home in 2014.

Launching Monday 24th June.

If not Apple podcasts, what podcast app do you use?

I have used Pocketcasts for a few years now; its design has remained slick and user-friendly throughout this time. The trending podcasts section is very good, if a little slanted towards the US market. Apple podcasts (Australia) is naturally better for seeking out trending Australian podcasts.

iHeartRadio Android app.

I’m another Pocket Casts user


It’s a little outdated but does the job and I’ve got about 400 episodes of various podcasts in there that I wouldn’t know how to move to another app.

Have heard Overcast is good.

Pocket Casts user myself - love how it can sync between my computer, Android phone and iPad

10 Speaks delves into true crime

10 Speaks has today released its first true crime podcast Where’s William Tyrrell? . The podcast, featuring 10 News First journalist Lia Harris in conversation with Natarsha Belling, investigates the mysterious disappearance of three-year-old William Tyrell from his foster grandmother’s house in Kendall, New South Wales, on 12 September 2014.

It is produced in consultation with William’s foster parents, who also feature exclusively in the podcast. It is the first time his foster parents have given an interview about the case in four years.

Lia said: “I was one of the first journalists on the scene in Kendall when William disappeared and I’ve been following the case closely ever since. I’ve become determined to uncover the truth, particularly as I have come to know his foster family so well.

“This podcast will include an unprecedented in-depth interview with his foster parents as they speak about the devastating day William went missing, what life has been like for them over the past four and a half years and what they hope for the future of the investigation. They, like me, hope this podcast will shed new light on the case and help bring them some much-needed closure.”

Network 10’s director of news content Ross Dagan said: “We have a fantastic team of journalists here at 10 and now, with 10 Speaks , we’re able to extend their talents into the audio space.

Where’s William Tyrrell? reflects Lia’s brilliant inquiring mind, hard work and unwavering dedication to the story. It delves deep into the baffling disappearance of William with the support of his foster parents – that is incredible access. For anyone who has followed the case, this is a must-listen fresh perspective. We all hope it helps us get closer to uncovering what happened to William, particularly in the lead-up to the August inquest.”

The podcast, researched, produced and presented by Lia Harris, is available from today on Acast, Apple Podcasts and Spotify, with new episodes dropping each Monday.

Excerpts from the interview will air exclusively on 10 News First nationally on Monday at 5.00pm, with extensive supporting coverage on 10 Daily .

The launch of Where’s William Tyrrell? by 10 Speaks follows the debut of The Western Front , a weekly AFL podcast hosted by 10 News First Perth presenter Tim Gossage and reporter Lachy Reid, and The Professor and The Hack , a weekly podcast focused on politics hosted by 10’s network political editor Peter Van Onselen and national affairs editor Hugh Riminton.

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There was a great promo for this shown during FBI tonight, good to see 10 promoting it since it’s doing well in the charts each week.

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