Playing For Keeps

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Playing For Keeps - Season Two


The siren may have sounded on round one, but the salacious controversies and delicious drama surrounding Australia’s favourite posse of WAGs is just kicking off.

Network 10 is delighted to announce that Playing For Keeps is returning to television screens in 2019.

The addictive new series that was on everybody’s lips this year, will continue to lift the curtain on the seductive world of football’s elite, proving that when the cream of the crop fly high, they sometimes feel the heat.

Network 10, Head Of Drama, Rick Maier said: “We’re thrilled that Playing for Keeps has really found its place in the market. It’s become a bit of a sleeper hit in its first season, regularly delivering in key target demos, and 28 day catch up numbers are at a record high. Expect more shocks, more frocks and more brilliance from this very excellent cast.”

Playing For Keeps features a superb ensemble cast including Madeleine West, Cece Peters, Annie Maynard, Olympia Valance, Isabella Giovinazzo and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor.

Playing For Keeps is a Screentime production for Network 10. Principal production investment from Screen Australia, with the assistance of Film Victoria.


Great news and well deserved. It will be good to see where they go with season two. I would love it to flash forward… segue to fan fiction: Paige coming back from the UK a new woman, Jessie battling post natal depression, Kath and Brian struggling with walking the straight and narrow path, Dan and Talia trying to negotiate a new found love and Paige’s return, Maddy and Trav considering polyamory with the new nanny and Connor questioning his sexuality with Rusty etc.

So much potential


Thanks I need to catch up on the show.


I’m glad they renewed it. I’m half way through it and enjoying how it’s developing.


Very happy with this announcement, 10 really leading the way with drama next year with 4 so far and a comedy series.


Great news. I wasn’t so sure after the first few episodes but stuck with it and really enjoyed season one. A good mix of drama and comedy.



I hope ten can get this to air earlier next year - during winter and the AFL season. Perhaps a June start.


I believe it would continue to do better airing after The Bachelor or Bachelorette.


Why do you think that? You don’t think it could do better of a bigger lead out of Masterchef in winter (which attracts higher figures) and in the AFL season?


I see what he means. Obviously Masterchef (and AFL season) would give it a good boost but I’m not entirely sure whether the same audience for Masterchef would be the same as the ones who watch this show, whereas Bachelor/rette audience would be right up there with the same demos that watches Playing for Keeps.


I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in an old offspring timing of the year… having it on during footy season could benefit well though.


Either way good to see 10 renew it because it’s not a bad show. Not my favourite cup of tea but can see the appeal in it.


They should just try and run it from the start of The Bachelor next year.


That wouldn’t be a bad slot either. Its at the peak of the AFL season.


Great idea. That will ensure it will finish during AFL Grand Final week as I previously suggested.


That is if the second season is 8 episodes long again.


I could see this show doing well overseas. Especially in the UK.


Other people have answered this question for me. It aligns more with The Bachelor/Bachelorette audience than the Masterchef one. Also it can air during the AFL season if it gets a run after The Bachelor.


Yeah during the bachelor would be good. Bachelorette didn’t help it this year though