Playing For Keeps

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Hopefully, Ten will have enough drama next year to keep them in that 8.30pm Wednesday slot throughout the whole year.


Surely they should have enough. My Black, My Life is Murder, 5 Rooms, playing for keeps and I’m sure there is another one as well.


There is also The Secrets That She Keeps.

Mr Black is a comedy but could be in that slot too. And it’s Five Bedrooms.


Mr Black should be paired with a renewed season of How to Stay Married.


Realise I’m so far behind in this show but I’m nearing the end of Season 1 now (2 eps to go) and I think the show has really gone from strength to strength with some good twists.
So glad it has a season 2 renewal! Hoping it’s a drama 10 can really build.


Anyone know where this has gone on catchup? No longer on 10Play and it’s not on All access… missed opportunity for people to stream over summer?


They should be repeating this over Summer. A 9.30 time slot would be ideal.


As well as making it available on 10 All Access.


It expired on Dec 8th. I remember as I had to binge it all fairly quickly due to the expiry and wanting to watch it all.
Appreciate that there is probably licensing restrictions and they’ll likely add it to AllAccess but if they’re wanting to expose the show to a broader audience getting it out on streaming platforms 10Play as well as Netflix/Stan etc would be of benefit.


Olympia Valance interviewed by Fitzy and Wippa said they will begin filming at around the same time as last year in late May and it will screen around the same time, leading up to the AFL grand final.


That’s a shame. Would’ve been great for it to launch toward the backend of Masterchef benefiting from a decent lead in with the finale of Playing for Keeps airing toward the Grand Final of the AFL.


it fits better out of Bachelor/Bachelorette.


But could have benefitted from the higher rating final weeks of Masterchef then aired alongside the Bachelor for the remainder of the season.

I just want to see it be successful really and get a good shot at a Season 3 (pending S2 is as good as S1)


It’s still possible to air in the final weeks of MasterChef and have the finale before the AFL Grand Final if more episodes are made. Last year, MC finished on July 31. AFL GF falls on September 28 this year, so that’s nine weeks of airtime. I think season 2 should have 9 or 10 episodes to fit with the period.


I agree the back end of Masterchef and The Bachelor would have been perfect. Bit earlier than last year.


Isabella Giovinazzo told the Herald Sun that AFL head of women’s football Nicole Livingstone would be advising the script on women’s footy for season 2, as Nicole is married to the show’s cinematographer.