Playing For Keeps

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Then you should avoid media and social media. You can’t have it both ways.


I only read it because I was waiting for coffee. At least online the “spoiler alert” warning is issued more. You can’t really avoid it when you turn a page in print media.


Technically not a spoiler is the program has gone to air.


Agree. It’s not a spoiler, a week later.

TV Week has synopses and storylines for the week ahead. These can also be spoilers if you haven’t watched this week’s episode or this week’s episode hasn’t aired yet.


Surely this is actually a good thing that the program is getting national media coverage after the drop off in last weeks ratings.


They’ve got to make a big deal about someone being outed. It’s the same writers from Wrong Girl. They thought it was revolutionary when they made the female anchor a lesbian.


Yes, but the fact remains that if a footballer or a television anchor were outed today, it would still be big news.


Well look at Ian Thorpe.


Exactly my point so criticising the storyline is unfair.


If eel like theres a lot of tokenism now just for the sake of appeasing people. story lines are a second thought.


Really? People have been screaming for years that Australian television doesn’t reflect the diversity of the actual Australian society. Now we’re going to criticise them for including diversity?


Is he actually coming out though? I thought he just did it to take the heat off of his affair… or am I getting the characters confused?


I dont think he was having an affair with the wife but with Jack her husband and the wife was covering for them.


Just watched this on TenPlay. Ten have a good product with this one. Hopefully it pulls a few more viewers this week and gets renewed for a 2nd season.


I am enjoying it too. I don’t agree with Ten giving away key developments in promos though. Next week it’s clear Talia tells the Coach about the infidelity and I am not sure I wanted that revealed in a promo.


Wrong show/thread :wink:


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Just started making my way through the series on 10play. Only 2 eps in but really enjoying it, hopefully it gets a season 2 renewal, I think 10 can make this one work.


Same here. I’m up to episode 3 and it’s getting better and better.


Great news. Playing for Keeps has been renewed for a second season. The announcement was made at 10’s 2019 upfronts in Melbourne tonight.