Playing For Keeps

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So did Olympia leave Neighbours?

Also why is Jeremy Lindsay Taylor whatever his name is always type cast as a footy player or sports figure?


Yeah, earlier this year.


Where else did he play a sportsman?


that ABC show “The Cut” and im sure other projects.


He’s had a lot of roles where he wasn’t.

Sea Patrol
Puberty Blues
Dance Academy
Love Child
City Homicide
Bikie Wars


He was a footy player in all of those. Just wasn’t as obvious.


You’re ridiculous. lol


Debuts Wednesday September 19, according to a watermark shown at the start of The Bachelor tonight.


The promo looks fabulous. Feels like a high camp Melrose Place-esque romp.


Updated promo


The first episode will be available on Tenplay next Wednesday (September 12) at 12pm AEST for a limited time.


Good to see Ten giving it the best chance possible airing after Bachelor and Bachelorette! Smart choice. The challenge will be for it to hold the audience.



The first episode is available now:



That’s tonight’s viewing done. Look forward to hearing what you all think.


I didn’t love it as much as I wanted to. Ten need to invest in a broad skewing PG-rated family drama.


Actually have to agree, although it would be great if Ten could invest in a Big-Bang style sitcom (not Habibs or Street Smart)/.


Yep I watched. Wanted to really like it but it just seemed a little meh.

I know some said it wouldn’t be about football and more about the women but to me it seems like it is 30% football and 70% women. So this could end up turning some viewers, from the North, off.


No thanks. We have enough of that on Seven. It would be good to see something different. Is the show similar at all in tone to the UK show Footballers Wives?


Positives – good cast, great young actors appearing as main couple, lots of potential set up for future storylines

Negatives – Olympia Vallance’s Tahlia needed to either be villain or nice not both, it was too slow in parts, the opening didn’t grab me and the episode probably should have started with the fatality and then flashed back to keep us watching to find out what happened in the days prior.

The biggest test will be holding the audiences attention. It has a good timeslot and has received decent promotion. The main couple and fish out of water storyline for the loveable main younger actress is the highlight that has best chance of people sticking around.