Playing For Keeps

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Hope this is similar to the UK series Footballers Wives. That show was crazy in a good way.


Long live Tanya Turner :slight_smile:

I would love this to be a “trashy” type soap :slight_smile:


This one’s gonna be the flop of 2018.


Preview aired tonight during the bachelor. Actually looks pretty good and great to see something different on OZ TV


Very very excited about Playing For Keeps after seeing that preview.


Here is the preview.

I think it will launch in mid September during the AFL finals so it will conclude on the same week as The Bachelor finale. Problem is, will the storyline resonate with audiences in NSW and QLD where rugby league ad rugby union are more popular?


Stupid to put it on now IMO.

I would hold it off for 2019. Give it a decent chance as it does look like a pretty decent show based off the promo.


Looks good. Looking forward to it. I don’t think they should hold it off. Put it after The Bachelor during its last few weeks.


Seems interesting!


If only it had Jessica Marais


Give us someone new.


Jessica Mauboy?


Some unknowns from NIDA or another acting school? We need to give new talent opportunities as well.


There are a few new actors in this cast.


Very attractive ensemble. I hope it does well. If Aussie drama is doing well television is doing well I think!


I just can’t see this rating too well outside Vic, SA and WA.


As there does not seem to be an emphasis on the footballers it really shouldn’t matter. It is about the wives and the dramas in their lives. I live in NSW and within minutes had numerous friends saying how good the preview looked when it aired. It really needs to air within the next few weeks on Wednesday or Thursday nights.


Seeing how the focus is not on the footy I dont see why not. It reminds me of Footballers Wives, which was crazy back in its day.


That is positive to see. The fact it has a huge melbourne focus and clearly states AFL players makes me a little worried. But time will tell.


I think there will be very little focus on the actual game of footy. It’s all about the WAGs.