Paramount Australia & New Zealand

Why should he? It’s not uncommon for sources to stay unnamed or anonymous especially if they are not authorised to speak publicly on behalf of the organisation.


Even with a simulcast, what the best this show could hope for? 200k? Is that a success these days?

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Very interesting.

It is that general argument between renting a house and paying a mortgage. 10 seem to be saying they are happy with an arrangement where they pay nothing for the assets but get 50% of the income, rather than paying for the asset and getting 100% of the income.

I think the television side of things would be quite cheap and I am sure Seven would go in with them to get their own affiliates and then even take the small ones where there is one owner/operator.

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Not worth the money. Paramount has the metro stations which secures their distribution across the country so they have no need to sink more money.


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Not quite ANZ related, but still interesting nonetheless.

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