Oh no, not that song again!


I’m betting they’ll be criticism of this, but I’m well and truly over Rain by The Droughtbreakers. Not only is this an ordinary cover version at best, but if they wanted to really push the noble cause of helping the farmers they would have had substantially more impact if they came up with something original (much in the vein that Lee Kernaghan did with his ANZAC Day song).


We’ll be hearing this song a lot today… It only took me 20 mins to hear it on the radio

New Year’s Day - U2

Just heard (oddly enough) on i98fm, a station that isn’t known for playing 80s songs.


Their rival station, Wave FM, doesn’t really play much 80s music either, with their playlist mostly covering the 90s-10s. In fact, you’re more likely to hear the occasional 70s song on i98 than on Wave FM these days.


Perhaps they’ll play Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” some time today considering the station, formerly known as 2 Double O, commenced broadcasting on 1575kHz on the AM band on this day in 1979 from a studio inside the Crown Hotel, Wollongong.

Welcome to the naughty 40s, i98FM.


Happy Birthday, 2OO / i98

If you want a consultation on how to cope with being a 40 something (this coming from a late 40 something), feel free to contact me :grin: for a small fee of course.


A Good Heart - Feargal Sharkey

Now, I DO like this song, BUT gee, it’s been getting flogged an awful lot lately.

I reckon I’ve heard this on the radio 3 or 4 times in the last couple of days …


Always thought You Little Thief was a better song. Haven’t heard that on radio for ages.


Funny how the best selling song by an artist isn’t usually my favourite of theirs… It’s usually the 2nd or 3rd best selling that I like the most.

Same with Feargal Sharkey, thus I agree with “You Little Thief”


I’d forgotten how brilliant and powerful the video clip was. Thanks for prompting me to look it up. I love the history behind those two great Feargal Sharkey hits- how YLT was written in response to Good Heart following a bitter break up.


When “You Little Thief” premiered on Countdown in 1986, a golf tournament on the ABC was still in progress. When 6pm came the golf telecast abruptly ended and Countdown came on, a few seconds after that song was played the ABC went back to the golf. The next day Jon Peters on EON FM jokingly said before playing that song “let’s go back to the golf!”.


Ain’t No Mountain High - Jimmy Barnes. Flogged to death on the regional Triple M network (Repeat FM). The only song of his they seem to be playing lately.


Horrible song


Now playing as I read this, hate that song.

You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC is getting a complete flogging this weekend, understand that it is the Australia Day long weekend but they have far better songs than this!


Silverchair, ‘Straight Lines’
Good Charlotte, ‘Dance Floor Anthem’ the one song from them I really hate
Midnight Oil, ‘The Power and the Passion’


Killing Heidi’s “Weir”


I actually still like that one!


Everclear,‘Santa Monica’ :-1:


Foo Fighters, “I’m a Generator”:-1:Triple M have played this track twice this week already:frowning_face:


Great song IMO


I know many disagree but I’ve always thought the Foo Fighters were way overrated :slight_smile: