Oh no, not that song again!


Lenny Kravitz “Fly Away” He has plenty of hits they could play instead of this one:-1:-1:


Yes, I’ve never been a big Lenny fan myself, apart from “Are You Gonna Go My Way”, everything else he’s released has been pretty average in my opinion.


The only Lenny Kravitz song I really like is “Believe”, and it’s a great tune with an awesome guitar solo at the end. It definitely belongs in the ‘songs lost to radio’ thread.


Agreed Mr Nerd, great song that you seldom hear these days

Funnily enough, I always liked ‘Fly Away’ and thought it was one of the better and lesser-played songs of his. Hearing the opening bars of ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’ however generally sends me reaching for the bucket, or at least the off button…


Iggy Pop with Kate Pierson from the B52s “Candy”:-1:
Foo Fighters “Learn to Fly”


Must admit I have a soft spot for that one as it was one of the first songs I remember on the charts back when I was a youngster. It doesn’t get all that much airplay at least down here.


I agree, I think that’s Iggy Pop’s best song.

“Real Wild Child” isn’t bad either.