Oh no, not that song again!


Oh definitely that Fresh Eyes song. It was annoying from the very first listen.


“Thunder” by Imagine Dragons is worse. That piece of crap haunted me everywhere I went during my recent trip to SEQ and NE NSW.


“Fresh Eyes” is sung by Andy Grammer.
"All of Me’ by John Legend👎


Midnight Oil-"The Dead Heart"
Cold Chisel-“Flame Trees”


Hahaha… That song was on at the gym today…

I’d heard it (fleetingly) a few times before but liked it so much I even shazam’d it!



I really hate that Fresh Eyes song


Yes… that ‘slow hands’ can be annoying too


You’re so vain… Chocolate Starfish right now on MMM GHD.

Great song… but the original is better.

As listeners we’re mature enough now in 2017 to actually prefer the original… (the angst of Carly Simon actually singing about Warren Beatty)…

And yet funnily enough… MMM GHD are now playing Cat Steven’s ‘Wild World’… whereas I’d probably prefer the Maxi Priest version… because it reminds me so much of FM104 in 1988 and Expo.

Great mix however on MMM GHD… absolutely loving it!

Just less Australian shit please.


The original was played on The Breeze (Australia) this morning.


Avril Lavigne 'Complicated ':-1:


I’m so sick and tired of hearing ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ on Triple M GHD.

It seems to be on every four hours.

It’s just a shit song.


Jimmy Barnes,'Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’
Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams are Made of This’:-1:They have plenty more great hits to choose from


So very true! Eurythmics in particular have so many great ones.


and @Karen_Cee Who am I to disagree?!


Good one :slight_smile:


Ace of Base ,‘The Sign’ heard twice this week-97.3 of course👎
Shania Twain,'Man I Feel Like a Woman ':-1:


Billy Joel, “Uptown Girl “:-1:


Ballroom Blitz/Sweet today on 4KQ. They must play that song every other day…Urgh


I agree, it’s a good (but not great) song in isolation, but hearing it everyday is a bit much.


Some tunes I wish Triple M would stop flogging to death :
Bon Jovi “ Bad Medicine “
John Mellencamp,”Hurts so Good”
Men at Work, “Be Good Johnny”
Wheetus ,”Teenage Dirtbag”