Oh no, not that song again!


Once is too often for that Human Nature song. Just awful. And yes, 97.3 have had Africa on high rotation since the day they went to air.
Two very good reasons why I can’t bear 97.3.
So glad I’ve got DAB and internet alternatives to that bland and repetitive station.


Thank goodness we change stations every week . I was already sick of 97.3 after 2 days this week :confused:We need to all bring digital radios to work


97.3 is unbearable.
Try Easy Hits on DAB - it’s what 97.3 should be.

Triple M Classic Rock and Greatest Hits are sounding great on DAB as well. Even Triple M Modern is a good alternative.


Some songs I never want to hear again:
“Bitch” Meredith Brooks
Starship "We Built This City"
The Calling "Wherever You May Go"
Lifehouse "Hanging By a Moment "
Phil Collins "Against All Odds"
Train "Drops of Jupiter "
Uncle Kracker “Follow Me”


Agree with the last one on the list, especially- it’s a shocker. Here’s my list:

Don McLean- American Pie
Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody (play Innuendo once in a while!)
INXS- Original Sin (delve deeper, again)
Chris DeBurgh- The Lady In Red (worst song of the 80s)
Tone Loc- Funky Cold Medina (a close second, and unfortunately came up on my 1989 countdown this week.)
Beach Boys- Kokomo (3rd worst of the 80s)
UB40- I Got You Babe
Joy Division- Love Will Tear Us Apart (most overrated alternative song of all time)
Aerosmith- I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (worst song of the 90s, and still heavily played)
Shania Twain- From This Moment On
Celine Dion- My Fart Will Go On
Kid Rock- All Summer Long (unbelievably still a regular feature on adult hits stations)


Don’t you mean INXS? :wink:

Which also now includes WS in Sydney, who are now more likely to play this than “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon, which the song partly samples off from.


Oopsy daisy- major brain fart there. Of course, the song is the work of Hutchence and Co. Amended.

And yes, I’ve definitely heard WS play “All Summer Long”. It’s like a turd that refuses to abide by the laws of physics as applied to plumbing- even a turbo flush won’t do.


Rhianna singing “naked naked naked”



Expect for Queen, the rest I totally agree with :slight_smile:


Boh-Rap is a great song, but I don’t need to hear it ever again, ditto American Pie. Stairway To Heaven belongs in the same category, too, but I can’t bring myself to put Led Zep on the list (I’m reluctant with Queen, too).


I completely agree with your list!!
Except… Joy Division. Sacrilege! :slight_smile:


I’ve never got the appeal of the song; it sounds dull and uninspiring to my ears (and I’m a fan of New Order, too). Sorry!

I’ll throw in a few more:

Come On Eileen- DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS (how did I forget this? Equal 3rd worst of the 80s).
Walking On Scumshine- KATRINA & THE WAVES
Truly, Madly, Deeply- SAVAGE GARDEN
Around The World- PAFT DUNK
I’m Blue (Dabadeedabbadididididi)- EIFFEL 65
Hey, Soul Sister- TRAIN WRECK


Rihanna " Don’t Stop the Music"
Michael Jackson, “Beat it” and "Billie Jean"
Any hit from Nickelback
Avril Lavigne "I’m with You"
97.3 week at work ,that’s when I find more songs to add to this thread
Whoever mentioned "American Pie and "Stairway to Heaven I don’t mind hearing,same for “Bohemian Rhapsody”


Sonia Dada"You Don’t Treat Me No Good "
Alanis Morrisette ,Any track from her “Jagged Little Pill” album


Hey now


You are so beautiful/Joe Cocker

Puke! Worst song ever.

Playing right now on Easy Hits


For me…

A lot of U2 songs have me reaching for the dial. They are overrated imo, their songs all sound a bit same-ish.

I agree with some of the others mentioned above:
Billie Jean
Come On Eileen
The Look
She’s So High


There are a couple of exceptions but yes for the most part U2 songs have me reaching for the dial too.


Yes, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” is probably one that I like the least. “Where The Streets Have No Name” is a close second in that respect.

I still like “New Years Day” in particular though.


They still flog the living daylights out of Killer Queen

My list
John Legend - Fresh Eyes
ANY song by Pink
Toni Basil - Mickey
Almost any song played on the (s)HIT network…