Oh no, not that song again!


I guess because today’s music is so disposable.

I wonder what they will do for Classic Hits in the 30s.
Hopefully it will still be 70s, 80s and 90s :grinning:


Aerosmith, "I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing "
Tonic, “If You Could Only See”


Yeah I get the feeling we’ll be hearing 70s, 80s and 90s for a long, long time - thankfully.


Agree with those nominations 100%. “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” is probably the worst big hit of the 90s (even Vanilla Ice was cute in his own way), whilst the Tonic song isn’t that offensive, just very boring and played to death on Triple M in particular.


One Republic-“Counting Stars”


She’s So High- TAL BACHMAN.

Another of those songs which spreads like a bad STD to just about every station on the dial. Even bona fide classic rock stations in the US slip this in, probably because of his surname (he’s the son of Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive).


Van Halen, “Higher and Higher”,Triple M flog this track to death


I think its actual title is “Dreams”, with “higher & higher” being a prominent lyric in the chorus.


Yes you’re correct


REM, " Losing My Religion "


Roxette , “The Look”.Second time I’ve heard this song this week :confused:97.3 of course


So typical of 97.3. Roxette have a number of other really good songs that would sound great on a station like 97.3, but no… they have to flog just that one lame one…


“Spending My Time” or "Listen to Your Heart " I would like to hear for a change


Yes. Or my personal favourite “Fading Like A Flower”


Forgot about that one


Of their unflogged songs, I like “Vulnerable”.

“Joyride” is my favourite song of theirs - it still gets played a bit, and I don’t really tire of hearing it.


Blur,“Song 2” on Triple M’s Generation 90s today.
Another song they flog" Werewolfs of London " by Warren Zevon .


And if that’s not enough they then will end up flogging the song which rips off the tune, Kid Rock - All Summer Long…


Maroon 5 “This Love” :confused:they have many more hits to choose from


Farnsey and Human Nature ,"Every time you Cry":-1:Twice this week,thanks 97.3. And of course their favourite track they have been playing ever since they started over 15 years ago, "Africa " by Toto​:confused: