Oh no, not that song again!


Meredith Brooks,"Bitch"
Cold Chisel-"Flame Trees"
Starship-"We Built this City "
Rick Springfield-"Jesse’s Girl"
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts-"I Love Rock and Roll"
Goanna-"Solid Rock"
Australian Crawl-“Boys Light Up” the only track from them that I’ve never liked and it gets flogged the most :pensive:


Agree. I love Queen but really sick of Bohemian Rhapsody and Another One Bites The Dust. There are just so many other great ones to play. So many. Oh yeah Alana Myles Black Velvet - overrated and over played.


I was listening to 1323 at work yesterday… quite enjoying it… they said ‘Daddy Cool’ was coming up after the break… I should have taken the cue…

and sure enough Eagle Rock came on…

I have a high tolerance level to most things but not that shite… just an over-rated cringeworthy hokey jingo repulsive song…

I had to change stations… (ended up on 106.3 The Lounge of all places)… anything was better than the headache inducing nightmare of Daddy Cruel.


I couldn’t agree more! Sure that song might have a place in Australian music history, but to be honest I’d rather it stay exactly there - in history. Hugely overrated track - have never and will never enjoy hearing it

I’d far rather hear music from Ross Wilson’s other band, though you can keep the song he wrote for his wife too


This one is good…


I think he wrote 2 songs for Pat, “Strong Love” being the other one.

I like all 3 songs here really… (Eagle Rock, Bop Girl and Strong Love).


Silverchair-“Straight Lines” 2007
Kid Rock-“All Summer Long” 2008 ,a mash up of “Sweet Home Alabama” and "Werewolves of London "
Yes even River 94.9 are guilty of flogging certain songs though not as much as the other commercial FM stations


It seems that All Summer Long is a steamer that just doesn’t want to go down the pipe…I would have expected better from 4MIX, though.


Yeah agree with that. I never need to hear that song again. Ever.


Yesterday I copped Matchbox 20’s ‘How Far We’ve Come’ on both Rebel and River at exactly the same time. Another song that could use a good rest (permanently in my opinion), and disappointing that two generally reliable stations happened to play it at the same point


Oh yeah that song is just absolute rubbish - like processed food for the mass market… deliberately manufactured to sound so radio friendly (and awkwardly positioned as an anthemic ‘protest’ song)… it may appeal to 50 year old female office managers in downtown Ipswich… but few others…

But then again… that’s Rob Thomas all over…


Matchbox 20/Rob Thomas is one of those artists that just gets worse with age- Good Charlotte is the canonical example. The singles lifted from “Yourself Or Someone Like You” aren’t too bad but it goes quickly downhill from there.


I tend to agree regarding Matchbox 20. Ok at the time but not so good as time goes by. “How Far We’ve Come” isn’t too bad though.


“This House Is Not For Sale” by Bon Jovi. Played on 2GO far too frequently for my liking. I mean, it’s not even in the ARIA Top 40!


Any song by Matchbox 20 or Nickelback👎


I kind of agree

I liked the first few Nickelback songs, I particularly like "Too Bad:.

The only Matchbox 20 song I particularly like is “Real World”.

But that’s about it for those 2 bands for me.


Train,“Drops of Jupiter”


Sad when everything they’ve done since is worse than this, particularly that stupid “Play That Song” that gets semi regular play up here (more annoying than their stuff from a few years ago).


I could not agree more stmookeyj027, that “Play That Song” by Train would have to be one of their most annoying songs. :-1:


Justin Timberlake - “Can’t Stop The Feeling” I have heard this song 4 times today on 102.5 The Edge. Why do commercial radio station love killing songs.