NRL on Nine


Nah, it was 60 mins. In Tassie, we got the Sunday Footy Show on delay between 1-3pm on 9Gem leading into the live coverage.


According to program guides in TV Week, both Golden Point and Knock Off will not be shown on 9Gem in Melbourne (and Adelaide and Perth I assume). Nine’s NRL broadcast on Thursday and Friday nights will finish at around 9.45pm AEDT/AEST. I hope the post-match shows will be streamed live on 9Now.


Angry Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide and Perth viewers will not see postmatch on TV. A frustratedly man will yell ‘Absolutely the Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth viewers were robbed, right in front of me, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!’




Um…don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit?


Maybe it’s because I’m not as interested in rugby league (or sport generally) as many others are, but even as a Sydneysider I don’t really care about Nine’s post-match coverage/analysis that much.

True fans watch only State of Origin & the Grand Final on Nine and the rest on Fox League anyway! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So true…Except some true fans don’t have Fox so have to bear Nine’s coverage at the same time.

I’m keen to see how these post-match shows go but judging by the rest of the announcement, it looks like their match coverage will be the same old. Yawn.


I enjoyed the post-match coverage on Fridays last year on 9, so I’ve got no problem with it at all.


Fair point. Probably should’ve added “Arguably” at the start of that sentence although it’s certainly not a comment I regret making in any case, given that Fox League coverage is generally preferred over Nine’s from my observations.

Agreed. I get that Nine needed to give Erin Molan (who just to be clear, I’m reasonably sure is an OK person despite the criticisms of many others) a bit more to do at the network after the Thursday night version of The NRL Footy Show was axed in October last year, but having her as a fulltime sports presenter on Today or even Morning/Sydney 4pm News in addition to Friday/Saturday night Sydney Sport probably would’ve been a better role for her than fronting one of the post-match shows IMO.


True but since Fox League airs entertainment/comedy programs straight after TNF & FNF, Nine is the only destination viewers have if they want to watch an actual post-game show.


NRL 2019

Next Thursday, March 14, NRL on Nine returns with the biggest year of rugby league coverage yet, taking viewers closer to the action than ever.

Featuring more live NRL programming across Nine and 9Now, footy fans around the country can get more of the action they love and the best expert analysis and opinions from the top commentary lineup in Australian sport.

Joining the commentary team in 2019 are three former superstar players: Billy Slater , arguably the greatest fullback of all time; the man widely considered to be a future Immortal, Johnathan Thurston ; and premiership winner, Origin and Kangaroos representative, Sam Thaiday .

Nine is unveiling three new rugby league programs in 2019. The first two, Thursday Night Golden Point and Friday Night Knock Off , are the post-game shows that will follow Macca’s Thursday Night Footy and VB Friday Night Footy .

Each week these two programs will explore the biggest stories from the biggest games, with insight from some of the best brains in rugby league, delivered with entertainment and humour. Viewers will get unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access to players and coaches around the grounds and in the sheds, offering an inside look at the pain and glory that comes with the toughest game of all.

The third new program, Sunday Kick Off , will give viewers all the last-minute news and updates they need every Sunday afternoon at 3.00pm AEDT ahead of Sunday Footy at 4.00pm AEDT – part of seven hours of straight NRL coverage every Sunday. This includes the returning Sunday Footy Show , along with the Canterbury Cup NSW and Intrust Super Cup (shown in NSW and Queensland respectively) which will showcase the next generation of NRL stars.

Also returning to get every week off to the right start is the round-table panel show, 100% Footy , where the experts debate the hottest topics in the game from every angle.

The 2019 season will kick off with the 2018 Grand Finalists, Melbourne Storm, playing the Brisbane Broncos at AAMI Park in Melbourne on Macca’s Thursday Night Footy , live on Thursday, March 14, from 7.30pm AEDT . The next night, the Sydney Roosters, reigning premiers, take on their arch rivals, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, when rugby league returns to the Sydney Cricket Ground for VB Friday Night Footy .

The State of Origin juggernaut returns exclusively to Nine this year, bringing all the heart-stopping action of state against state, mate versus mate.

And a brand new programming concept will debut this season: Magic Round in round nine, when all 16 NRL teams converge on Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane to do battle over four exhilarating days.

It promises to be another bumper year in the NRL, after 2018 provided the closest season in history – and Nine promises to bring fans even closer to the action with the greatest sporting innovations to match its ace commentary lineup.



100% Footy

Mondays from 10.00pm AEDT on Nine
Panel members: James Bracey, Phil Gould, Paul Gallen, plus weekly guests and the best rugby league journalists

Sydney 10.00pm on Nine
Brisbane 9.00pm on Nine
Melbourne 10.00pm on 9GEM
Adelaide 9.30pm on 9GEM
Perth 7.00pm on 9GEM

Macca’s Thursday Night Footy

Thursdays from 7.30pm AEDT on Nine
Host and commentators: James Bracey, Andrew Johns, Paul Vautin, Billy Slater, Ruan Sims, Johnathan Thurston, Danika Mason, Brad Fittler, Mat Thompson

Sydney 7.30pm on Nine
Brisbane 6.30pm on Nine
Melbourne 7.30pm on 9GEM
Adelaide 7.00pm on 9GEM
Perth 4.30pm on 9GEM

Thursday Night Golden Point

Thursdays following Macca’s Thursday Night Footy on Nine
Host and commentators: James Bracey, Johnathan Thurston, Billy Slater, Paul Vautin

VB Friday Night Footy

Fridays from 7.30pm AEDT on Nine
Host and commentators: Erin Molan, Ray Warren, Phil Gould, Andrew Johns, Brad Fittler, Billy Slater, Sam Thaiday

Sydney 7.30pm on Nine
Brisbane 6.30pm on Nine
Melbourne 7.30pm on 9GEM
Adelaide 7.00pm on 9GEM
Perth 4.30pm on 9GEM

Friday Night Knock Off

Fridays following VB Friday Night Footy on Nine
Host and commentators: Erin Molan, Billy Slater, Sam Thaiday, Brad Fittler

The Sunday Footy Show

Sundays from 11.00pm AEDT on Nine
Panel members: Erin Molan, Peter Sterling, Brad Fittler, plus weekly guests

Sydney 11.00am on Nine
Brisbane 10.00am on Nine
Melbourne 11.00am on 9GEM
Adelaide 10.30am on 9GEM
Perth 8.00am on 9GEM

Canterbury Cup NSW/Intrust Super Cup QLD

Sundays from 1.00pm AEDT on Nine
Host and commentators: Peter Psaltis (NSW), Jamie Soward (NSW), Danika Mason (NSW), Scott Sattler (QLD), Mark Braybrook (QLD)

Sydney 1.00pm on Nine
Brisbane 12.00pm on Nine
Melbourne 1.00pm on 9GEM
Adelaide 12:30pm on 9GEM
Perth 10.00am on 9GEM

Sunday Kick Off

Sundays from 3.00pm AEDT on Nine
Host and commentators: James Bracey, Andrew Johns, Allana Ferguson, Darren Lockyer, Ruan Sims

Sydney 3.00pm on Nine
Brisbane 2.00pm on Nine
Melbourne 3.00pm on 9GEM
Adelaide 2:30pm on 9GEM
Perth 12.00pm on 9GEM

Sunday Footy

Sundays from 4.00pm AEDT on Nine
Host and commentators: James Bracey, Andrew Johns, Allana Ferguson, Peter Sterling, Darren Lockyer, Ruan Sims, Brad Fittler, Mat Thompson

Sydney 4.00pm on Nine
Brisbane 3.00pm on Nine
Melbourne 4.00pm on 9GEM
Adelaide 3:30pm on 9GEM
Perth 1.00pm on 9GEM


Yeah, it’s an overreaction. Apologies to yesterday as my family members had a massive arguments and I felt really stressed that arvo.


Note: The times listed above for Brisbane don’t look correct.

Thursday and Friday the games start at 7pm and I doubt Bad Mothers will be bumped on Mondays for 100% Footy!


Kickoff for the first two Thurs/Fri games is scheduled to be 6:50 and 6:55 AEST respectively, so a 6:30 start would allow for a shorter pre-game show in place of the second half of Nine News.

Doubt that 100% Footy would be live into all states though - no reason why Perth would replace half of Antiques Roadshow for an NRL panel show!


The schedule has been posted for next week at the NRL: starts at 7pm in Brisbane.


Go about 5 posts above where you posted this info to where I posted this info. Not sure why we need the duplication?


Will Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth get NSW Cup or Intrust Super Cup Qld every week, or on alternate weeks?


Probably get neither, instead putting up with Crocmedia time buys and other programming.



These two don’t match up, thought @JohnsonTV 's question was perfectly fair. I’d hate to hazard a guess, not really sure who will get what.
Better set up than previous years of delayed Sun Footy Show into live stuff at 3pm.