NRL on Nine


Also, I think Nine may have got the wrong sponsor name of NSW Cup. According to NSWRL website, the tournament is still called Intrust Super Premiership.


Seven have been doing a post game after Friday and Saturday night AFL ending after 11:30pm and 11pm eastern respectively since 2012.

They also have stadium backdrops, with the floodlights going off after a while which makes it better so you can’t see anything.

So I personally don’t see a big issue. And if there’s enough content for discussion, press conferences, etc.

Though Nine don’t use a studio do they from what I’ve seen, opting to situate their desk up in the stands, so perhaps more obvious.


Do NSW and QLD get live telecasts of the VFL, WAFL or SANFL on FTA TV? Why would anyone outside of NSW/QLD want to watch the state based RL competitions?


The ABC used to show out-of-state local footy competitions in the dead of the night on ABC2, right?


I agree, streaming is sufficient for the number of people who would watch state based competitions from interstate.



JT Thurston looks very excited about NRL back on Nine. WIll be turbocharged season.


Yeah cos we need another replay of some 30 year old show instead. I don’t know why live sport isn’t shown nationwide, thought that was part of why multichannels came About?


Showing coverage of the major national football leagues on multichannels in the minority states? Yeah, that’s fair enough.

But surely only about 12 people outside of the relevant markets (well I’m probably exaggerating, but you get the idea - extremely niche content) really care about the state football leagues?


Yeah, that is probably the case but I’d rather see that than sitting through an umpteenth repeat of My Favourite Martian or Mad about You etc.


But Nine should have made a special case for the season opener next week. Since Melbourne is hosting the opening game for the first time, it should be shown live on main channel in Melbourne as a one-off.


GTV have sometimes shown Storm regular season games on the main channel in the past.

It’s a little surprising this isn’t the case next Thursday night, being the season opener and with no AFL game on Seven.


This discussion comes and goes on MS every few months, round and round in circles.

It’s simple maths.

15k or 20k is completely diabolical for a primary channel, especially Sydney or Melbourne.

AFL and NRL finals and certainly SOO and GFs the obvious exceptions.


Yet your quote clearly says multichannels…


Yes as in they’re on such channels because the primary channel is extremely low


Yet the discussion wasn’t predominantly about NRL matches being on the Network’s main channel outside NSW/Qld (was a mention of Storm games being on 9 in Vic/Tas), it was about the State Leagues being on multichannels this year outside of NSW/Qld (which was the bit you quoted).
So I’m not entirely sure exactly what you’re on about had to do with the discussion myself and a few others were having? Or was that an attempt to get the discussion going “round and round in circles”?


I phoned Nine this morning And told that Perth viewers will not be seeing the Thursday and Friday post-match coverage. THis will also impact South Australia, Victorian and Tasmania. A programming man told me that after viewers will switch off or change channels after the game is finished on Gem. I worried that they’d might not put the post match analysis on 9Now.


Um, @Shoudychen we established this 40 posts ago. You commented on it them.


If this is your greatest worry in life I envy you.


Alright, was just giving my view :slight_smile: