NRL on Nine


Some of the graphics so far.


Not a fan. They look like something you’d come across on a web stream for a lower grade game to be brutally frank in my assessment.

Hopefully just a placeholder before the season proper starts


They also had a storm v broncos graphic that looked like a neon light effect with the logos lit up with neon tubes like those 1980s telephones.


Queensland Cup coverage confirmed as being back on SUNDAY Afternoon for this year. With Daylight Savings active for the first month down south games in March will be a 12:10PM kickoff, and games from April onward will be at 1:10.

Round 1: Ipswich vs Townsville (North Ipswich)
Round 2: Tweed Heads vs Townsville (Piggabeen)
Round 3: Wynnum vs Redcliffe (Kougari)
Round 4: Wynnum vs Mackay (Kougari)
Round 5: Easts vs Central Queensland (Langlands)
Round 6: Ipswich vs Norths (North Ipswich)
Round 7: Redcliffe vs Tweed Heads (Dolphin)

POSSIBLE (To Be Confirmed, trying to guess what will happen with matches also subject to rescheduling)
Round 8: Tweed Heads vs Ipswich (Piggabeen, only game scheduled for Sunday as many others are on ANZAC Day or in the regions on Saturday)
Round 9: Wynnum vs Easts (Kougari, other options are Souths Logan vs Sunshine Coast or Tweed vs Norths)
Round 10: Souths Logan vs Ipswich (Davies, other options are in the regions with Townsville vs Sun Coast or Capras vs Redcliffe)
Round 11: Norths vs Wynnum (Bishop, only other Sunday game is in Port Moresby)
Round 12: Tweed vs Souths (Piggabeen) or Sun Coast vs Burleigh (Sun Coast)
Round 13: Almost take your pick with games at Tweed, Burleigh, Davies Park or Bishop Park (and Port Moresby)
Round 14: Either Wynnum vs Sun Coast (Kougari) or Burleigh vs Norths (Pizzey) (Whilst Capras vs Souths Logan is TBA for time and venue, I suspect that will be played in Biloela on a Saturday Night)
Round 15: Souths Logan vs Mackay (Davies)
Round 16: Either Wynnum vs Tweed or Souths Logan vs Burleigh
Round 17: Betting this may be Sun Coast vs PNG Hunters (Sun Coast), even though there are options at Tweed, Norths and Easts
Round 18: Country Week, venues TBA so expect a South-East Corner or Darling Downs venue, but it WON’T be Tweed vs Capras as I believe that’s being played on a Saturday Night in Bundaberg
Round 19: SPLIT ROUND, the first week could be either Tweed vs Mackay or Souths Logan vs Northern Pride. Second week is anyone’s guess as a TV game will need to be moved from the current times scheduled
Round 20: Souths Logan vs Wynnum (Davies) is the only scheduled Sunday game in Australia
Round 21: Either Wynnum vs PNG (Kougari) or Tweed vs Easts (Piggabeen)
Round 22: Either Burleigh vs Sun Coast (Pizzey) or Souths Logan vs Tweed (Davies)
Round 23: Probably Wynnum vs Norths (Kougari) although there are options at Tweed, Sun Coast or Davies

NSW Cup will be at the same time, but for some reason with only a handful of weeks before the season is starting the season’s draw hasn’t been released. It is believed from some sources that South Sydney are hosting the first round TV game at Redfern Oval against North Sydney (now the Roosters reserves, after Souths who were using Norths as a feeder club decided to go alone this year with Wyong dropping out).


Taken from Sky Sports Commentary from UK.


The Sunday Telegraph reports Nine has given Erin Molan a more prominent hosting role on Friday Night Football this year, following the axing of NRL Footy Show.


That would mean one less night for James Bracey, he no longer has to work Thurs, Fri & Sun.


In case a Friday night game is played interstate especially in Adelaide where storm play roosters, I think Erin Molan will have to fly over. However, she will still host the Sunday nrl footy show.
On Saturday night football in the final 5 rounds of the home and away season, I guess that Either James Bracey or Erin Molan will host in the wwos Sydney studios before passing over to the match.


Nine’s new NRL shows:

Thursdays usually following Thursday Night Football

Golden Point
Host James Bracey is joined by Johnathan Thurston, Billy Slater & Andrew Johns for the all the post-match NRL news live from the ground.


Knock Off
Host Erin Molan is joined by Billy Slater, Sam Thaiday & Brad Fittler for the all the post-match NRL news live from the ground.


So they are having the usual Friday Night Post Game Show, but calling it by a different name? And air it now on Thursdays and Fridays? I hope these one-hour post-game shows work out.

Will 100% Footy with James Bracey return?

If so, James Bracey will host Thursday Night NRL (and Gold Point); Sports Sunday in the morning and Sunday Afternoon NRL; and 100% Footy?


This will return somewhere on 11 Mar 2019.


Guess that will depend on where the Sunday game is. Assuming SS is a Sydney based program and getting to Newcastle and Wollongong isn’t a problem, potential replacements may be needed for

Rd 4: Melbourne vs Canterbury (He may be able to host from Melbourne with a Melbourne based panel?)
Rd 6: Canberra vs Brisbane (unless he departs pretty much straight away after the show to get to Canberra by about 2PM. I know it’s a 3PM start but makeup, wardrobe, production meeting etc)
Rd 9: South Sydney vs North Queensland @ Magic Weekend in Brisbane (Perhaps a Brisbane based show for that weekend?)
Rd 12: Gold Coast vs North Queensland (Not sure he’d be able to get to Robina post SS)
Rd 23: Canberra vs Manly (See Rd 6)


The Canbreaa game is at 4pm.


Someone like Liz Ellis will host SS


All the Sunday games are a 4.05pm start actually but the TV coverage (which is what is being spoken about here) is a 3pm start.


There is nothing more annoying than a post match show from an empty ground/stadium. It has no vibe and no atmosphere. They would be better off hosting from outside the stadium when people are leaving/waiting for transport or whatever instead of inside an empty stadium. They could even host from a box and have some sort of backdrop covering the empty seats.

I’ve always thought that a post match show of the State of Origin, or finals games should be done outside the stadium as people will stand and watch while they wait for their lift, people will walk past and chant/celebrate etc. makes it a much better atmosphere.


I miss the days of Phil Gould’s rants before Origin and having the camera go around him like it’s the cow in Twister.

Maybe that could make a return? Maybe call it “Gus’s Own Field Of Gravity”? :rofl:


These don’t appear to be on 9Gem in Tassie (at least).
Instead, 9Gem are airing Waking the Dead Thursday night and Licence to Kill on Friday night.
Bit sad if this turns out to be the case.


Same for 9Gem Melbourne.


One hour pre game for a Sunday afternoon game sounds like overkill.

I think it was “only” 30 mins last year.