NRL coverage

Don’t have the rights to the game in nsw

Do Gold FM ever take the NRL coverage?

THe one Thursday Night I was in the listening area for this year (Round 2 Roosters vs Canterbury game) I’m sure Gold FM was the only station in the Queensland MMM Network not to take that game. They still do the Suns games which basically rules them out of most Saturday or Sunday games given the Suns generally have their home games twilight Saturdays and away games generally early or twilight Sundays which would interrupt coverage.

Does Gold FM air all of the Titans games?

Would be a bit inconsistent to air only the Suns but not the Titans.

I don’t know why/if they’d considered a localised call team like Newcastle and the Cowboys have. If they just relied on the MMM metro rights they wouldn’t have access to to many games given a lot of their home games are Saturday Night.

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Would make sense. But I do t think they take any games at all. I was thinking its because MMM Brisbane is so close it’s not worth it?
But 2GO night games with both KOFM and Triple M in broadcast range. And do any regionals take the Saturday or Sunday show before the game?

MMM up here doesn’t even take the Sunday game unless the Cowboys are playing.

i really don’t like the ABC crew when the Knights are playing. Craig Hamilton and Andrew Ryan are really pro Knights. the other team i can’t stand are the Canberra crew. same thing with the North Queensland crew too. even the NZ crew is pro Warriors too.

I completely disagree with your assessments here. I haven’t heard any cheerleading from these crews that I can recall. It’s natural they will know more about the home team but given the way the Warriors and Knights play, it’s hard to be too ‘pro’ them as they usually lose.


The ABC guys call the game better than 2GB. Can’t stand Hadley.

I’ll take that back; it seems to me that the ABC crew is more neutral these days’

Well the local crews, most of these guys are from that area.

I noticed Triple M in sydney put the swans game on digital yesterday. The league (parra vs roosters) was on FM.

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They crossed to the Swans game on FM from 6pm.

Good to see Triple M got their priorities right for once.


Especially as the AFL has already got 2UE, 2SM and Newsradio doing Swans games. 4 stations in Sydney doing AFL is ridiculous.


Does ABC have any rules about bias in sports commentary though? Like with Peter Walsh in SA, Craig Hamilton in Newcastle, Darryl Griffiths in North QLD, Tim Gavel in ACT, etc or even Clint Wheeldon in WA.

Tell me some examples of bias that you’ve heard.

Tim is a mad Raiders fan and I know Craig is s mad knights fan, but They don’t call with major bias.

The ABC has always had a objective, neutral calling style. however on KOFM is a diffrent story, with Frank Barrett & Matty Rodwell. I’ve haven’t heard them call Knights games, does MMM take their call or have their own guys doing those games form Newcastle?

No Triple M do it from the studio, usually use Blanchy on the sideline though. I’d say it’s to do with the local advertising and what not during the game.