NRL coverage

I seem to recall an NRL radio coverage thread into the previous forum.

Status quo continues with Triple M Sydney. AFL Swans game gets priority over NRL so no commercial coverage of the 4pm NRL game today. ABC were even promoting the fact they were the only radio broadcaster covering the 4pm game today. A terrible contract Triple M signed with the AFL which should have been paid out years ago.

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Yeah it seems silly it’s been happening for at least 2 or 3 years. I can’t pick triple m up on the radio so I just listen to it via internet anyway.

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Yeah. On Thursday night triple m was the only analog broadcaster of league in Sydney. 702 had normal programming. Regional nsw had league.

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So weren’t 2GB covering the Eels vs Panthers game either?

No they only have rights to the earlier one.

Was i right in hearing Sean Gough was on the sideline in the Storm Knights game on triple M. I also heard Jason Mathews in one of the Raiders games on the sideline.

Same on Monday Nights I think?

Gough’s been on the sidelines all season so far when Melbourne have had home games on MMM.

Phil Rothfield wrote in his Sunday Telegraph column yesterday that Shannon Byrne has been dropped from ABC Radio’s NRL coverage (she’s covering the A-League now) and fans are not happy about it.

I am not sure if it’s a rights Issue. On monday triple m has “almost” complete exclusive rights. Abc can do online and on dab or in a regional centre only if, the local team is playing. Example tonight you could have heard the game on 666 am in canberra.

Thursday night I am not sure if triple m has exclusive analog rights in the capital cities. Abc seem to bring games in regional areas on Thursday no matter who is playing. Maybe that is a choice the ABC makes not to bring the game in the capital city on analog radio. Though does brisbane 612 am have the game on? I think the broncos play this thursday. Be interesting to know.

No 612 doesn’t take any Thursday night footy

Tonight they are :).

But no 702am.

i don’t understand… why does the Swans game gets priority over NRL? it seems stupid to me you’d think they would NOT schedule the Swans for the same timelsot as a NRL game.

Because that is the contract they signed.

The AFL doesn’t give a stuff about what the NRL does. Heck this week will be the same when they cover the Sydney derby instead of the 4PM Sunday game, although they do cover both Monday games this week (interesting given Qld don’t get a Public Holiday)

Interesting monday night footy was on ABC local radio. Wonder why there was an exception? Would abc have to pay triple m?

Think the ABC is allowed to air MNF on local radio in the areas of the teams involved - they just can’t air the commentary nationally due to MMM having the rights

However the ABC is allowed to post highlights of its MNF commentary on Soundcloud after the match.

Is it also the case of protecting their evening show(expect in the regional areas)?

I thought it did not apply to Sydney. It was being broadcast on abc 97.3 fm. Maybe Triple M granted permission.