NRL coverage

I’m pretty sure I heard it on regional NSW (Coffs) and QLD (Wide Bay) ABC stations.

David Morrow is calling the State of Origin game tomorrow for 2GB. I don’t think he has called any state of origin games since he left the ABC?

If Andrew Moore is going to Rio then either Richard Svenson or Craig Hamlton would fill in? Hull is going there too so either Nicolson or Bojack would do the same thing.

I’d say Hamilton would up his workload, even Tim Gavel as well might up his workload.

Interesting they have NRL on 702am tonight. They did not normally have it on in Sydney Thursday.

Triple M must be hating on the Swans. Forced to call their games instead of NRL.

Looks like Ray Hadley is calling the NRL Grand Final on 2GB.

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Yeah I just listen to M online and get the NRL Coverage. The afl got a good deal on triple M

Though Triple M’s website is suggesting that the NRL was supposed to have been on FM last night

Conversely, Triple M’s call of Storm-Raiders game will not be on radio in Melbourne, not even in digital. It will only be available online. I assume Triple M’s coverage of the GWS-Bulldogs match finishes around at 8.30pm which is half time of the NRL, so there is still opportunity to cross to the second half of the NRL once AFL coverage finishes.

Definetely AFL last night on 104.9. The AFL Swans match for last night was only confirmed last week? So I’m guessing the website wasn’t updated.

Triple M Melbourne is carrying the Raiders v Storm game after coverage of Bulldogs v GWS Giants ends - a promo just ran for it during the AFL pre-game


Dene Halatau is joining ABC Radio in 2017 to provide special comments and will make his debut during next Thursday’s season opener between Cronulla and Brisbane. Halatau retired at the end of last year after playing 10 seasons with Wests Tigers and four seasons with Canterbury.

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Corbin Middlemas calling his first NRL game of 2017 tonight, the late game between South Sydney and Wests Tigers. When he was based in Perth he called a small number of matches at NIB Stadium involving the Rabbitohs.
ABC Radio’s doubleheader coverage did not start in Queensland until 6pm AEDT i.e. half time of the early match due to local drive programs. Looks like this will be the case for the next few weeks until daylight savings ends in NSW on April 2.

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But it was on Grandstand Digital in Brisbane from the start of the game, going by the ABC website

The NRL Live Pass stream over 4GX with Telstra is 27 seconds behind Nine’s Free to Air coverage. I didn’t think there would be that much of a lag?

It’s only if you have digital radio in Brisbane. For fans in the rest of Queensland who only get analogue radio (AM or FM), they will have to listen to the first half of the 6pm match at the ABC Sport website or via the ABC Radio app.

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If you had the access to that you would have a 90% chance of being able to watch it but anyway.

If they were that desperate they’d tune to MMM who have the rights to that game (4BC take the late game, unless the Broncos are the late FNF game which MMM Brisbane also cover).

Something I didn’t expect to find…

Triple M Sydney have Tonight’s NRL between the Broncos and Raiders on Digital, but music on FM.
Haven’t seen them do that with the NRL before.

I know that Triple M Brisbane have the broncos on every Friday.