NRL coverage


They’re got the wrong day on that one.

Should be Sunday, not Saturday.


Triple M Melbourne will also broadcast the GF as well


Why not SEN+? They could take the Crocmedia call for sure.


Andrew Moore has flown to Auckland to call the first ever test match between Australia and Tonga for ABC Radio. The match at Mt Smart Stadium was declared a sell-out midweek. Former NZ international Tony Kemp will provide expert comments. Last Saturday ABC took Radio Sport’s call of NZ v Australia test at the same venue.


As posted in Macquarie Sports Radio thread, MSR in Melbourne will be taking 2GB’s Continuous Call for the 2019 NRL season. I guess it replaces NRL Nation coverage.


Wonder if we’ll start to see NRL matches pop up on SEN+ instead


I wonder if 3AW afl coverage will be Brisbane and Sydney on MSR. MSR is still unfortunately the second choice with high rating sports. Maybe cricket is an exception? I guess its on mostly in non ratings period.


That’s exactly what’s happening:


The Sunday Telegraph reports 2GB’s Continuous Call Team has signed former Penrith coach Anthony Griffin as a co-commentator for Saturday night games. Griffin will also write a new column for The Daily Telegraph.


Former Cronulla premiership player Luke Lewis has joined ABC Radio’s commentary team for 2019. He provided special comments during the NRL All-Stars match at Melbourne last night.

Ian Cohen returned as sideline reporter.


With Corbin Middlemas in Melbourne this year, Richard Svenson will do any Sydney matches not covered by Andrew Moore. Quetin Hull might do a game or 2 in NSW.


Who’s doing the Canberra games now that Tim Gavel has retired?
That person may jump in and do a few Sydney games and Craig Hamilton could also fill the void he called a game down at Shark Park last year. So I don’t think they’ll need Quentin Hull too often


Tim Gavel.


There you go


NRL Nation has announced the addition of Joel Caine as a play-by-play caller, and Greg Alexander as expert commentator. No sign of Chris Warren.

In a major coup, NRL Nation is excited to announce the signing of Greg ‘Brandy’ Alexander for 2019, who is revered as the best analyst in the game. The former Penrith Panthers star brings with him an astute footballing knowledge and professionalism garnered from an extensive playing and broadcasting career.

Spearheading the NRL Nation team again in 2019 is one of the game’s best callers, Brenton Speed. He’ll join experts such as former origin coach Laurie Daley, former Queensland star Gary Belcher and one time Penrith premiership hero Scott Sattler at the microphone.

Also returning to NRL Nation in 2019 is iconic rugby league figure, Steve Roach and former Clive Churchill Medalist, Brett Kimmorley who are among the ‘Red Energy” experts for 2019.

Rounding out this season’s NRL Nation team is a host of expert commentators and decorated ex-players including Scott Prince, Terry Campese, Renee Gartner, Brent Tate, Jimmy Smith, Emma Lawrence, Peter Psaltis, Joel Caine and Shaun Timmins.


Still SEN2 or SEN3 in Melbourne won’t Deliver NRL Nation.


Probably got something to do with them not having the rights to allow them to do so…


Has David Packwood called matches before? like when Tim gavel was unavailable in the past.


Ad in the Canterbury - Bankstown Torch.


According to The Canberra Times, 2CC has lost the rights to produce their own call of Raiders matches due to some sub-licence contractual goings-ons between Crocmedia and Macquarie Media.

2CC have been promoting the “Raiders Call Team” and had booked Phil Small, Chris O’Brien and Joe Prevedello to travel to the Gold Coast for the Titans V Raiders match on Sunday night of round 1. Phil and Chris have called more than 500 games over nearly 25 years.

According to the article, 2CC has offered Phil a Friday night rugby league show to keep him on the books in case they can regain rights next year. It is unclear if this would be before the 6pm game, in place of the 6pm game (wouldn’t Crocmedia be livid if 2CC dropped that game which they were taking last year…seems unlikely though as the Raiders have three matches in that timeslot this year), or after 10pm.

The article makes no mention of it, but I would guess that this means 2CC will have to take 2GB and NRL Nation calls of Raiders matches this year.