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Unsure if this will continue this season, but Mix 106.3 had their own call team for Raiders matches during last season.


I’d think 106.3’s Raiders coverage falls under the Triple M contract, just as the SCA stations in Newcastle and Townsville produce their own coverage of Knights and Cowboys games respectively.


According to Radioinfo, former player Jamie Soward and former Broncos and Panthers coach Anthony Griffin have joined the 2GB Continuous Call Team for 2019.
It was mentioned in January that 2GB’s coverage would be broadcast into Melbourne on Macquarie Sports Radio. However in the latest NRL Nation schedule, MSR in Melbourne is still taking NRL Nation’s call of Thursday’s season opener between Melbourne and Brisbane. I guess that is only an exception, and MSR in Melbourne is taking NRL Nation’s call of matches not broadcast by 2GB?


Macquarie doesn’t have the rights to Thursday Night games, which are MMM exclusive (I wonder if MMM Melbourne are taking this game?)


I see that 2GB is calling some matches for 1278 in Melbourne and Perth Digtal?


Triple M Melbourne is not broadcasting Storm v Broncos, which is a shame as it is held in Melbourne. You will have to listen to the coverage online or via the Triple M NRL app.


They should be airing it! ie. If Triple M Sydney are required to air Saturday night AFL games even when no Sydney teams are playing, then the NRL should be taking a harder line with Triple M regarding Storm coverage on Triple M Melbourne, particularly when there’s no AFL game on.


By the looks of it from this week’s schedule, Macquarie Sports Radio in Melbourne and Perth is taking every Continuous Call match. Sydney and Brisbane are taking Friday 6pm NRL Nation matches (if they take Friday night AFL, they’ll have to crash in at full time as the 6pm NRL match usually runs a few minutes past the start of AFL).

In addition, Brisbane and Melbourne take an extra NRL Nation game if Broncos or Storm are playing in a non-2GB timeslot.

NRL Nation’s website does not mention 2CC. Last year 2CC took two games per week in normal rounds (Friday 6pm and Sunday 4pm) from NRL Nation. It will be interesting to see if 2CC take Raiders games from NRL Nation in weeks where 2GB don’t cover the Raiders.

Mix 106.3 are continuing to produce a local call of Raiders games this year.


Daryl Brohman was on The Run Home (old habits) yesterday confirming this. It’s a good move personally, should try and use their own resources where possible instead of relying on Crocmedia.


In Brisbane, You Would’nt Hear NRL Matches not Involving Broncos, Cowboys or Titans on MSR 882 or 4BC, That’s Definately Not On.


Macquarie Sports Radio coverage round 1
Syd- Fri Knights v Sharks.
Bri- Thu Storm v Broncos, Fri Knights v Sharks.
Melb/Perth- Thu Storm v Broncos, Fri Roosters v Rabbitohs, Sat Tigers v Seaeagles and Cowboys v Dragons, Sun Panthers v Eels and Titans v Raiders.


ABC NewsRadio in Victoria will again broadcast all Melbourne Storm matches this year up to and including preliminary final. The grand final will be broadcast on ABC Local Radio.
Triple M coverage for round 1
Thursday - Storm v Broncos
Friday - Knights v Sharks
Saturday - Warriors v Bulldogs
Sunday - Panthers v Eels


Looking at the websites, the Grant stations in NSW (2ST, 2EC, 2NM) will no longer be taking any of NRL Nation’s coverage (inc. 4pm Sunday afternoon matches), in which they have gone back to carrying the Continuous Call Team’s coverage after one season.

NRL Nation will still be carried by the Super Radio Network & Resonate stations, as well as by MSR on Thursdays & Fridays (6pm).


And will that be different call teams for MSR vs. BOG?


No. Not according to NRL Nation’s website. The Thursday match had the same commentary across Super Radio Network and MSR, although MSR Sydney didn’t take it so there was no broadcast area overlap, so no potential need for different commentators.

MSR Sydney is taking Friday 6pm. SRN/BOG is not. Neither is taking Saturday 3pm. SRN/BOG is taking Sunday 4pm, MSR is not (*Mel/Per taking 2GB’s coverage).



If someone had said to me 5-10 years ago that I’d hearing 5 NRL games a week on 1278 in Melbourne, I would had laughed.

Congratulations to MSR on doing this though. Though I can’t see it making any difference to their ratings.


Finally Melbourne is getting radio coverage of NRL matches it richly deserves.


It was 6 though, they had the Storm on didn’t they? Well, that’s according to MSR’s website.


They did, from the NRL Nation feed