NRL coverage


Not a bunch of people you’d want to speed up the Expressway to talk to about getting a new car. :rofl:


Still an nrl caller who is close to losing their job, popped up in the Tele yesterday, buzz must have it out for this bloke.


Triple M’s callers for this weekend, interesting they are taking Friday night 7:30 into Brisbane only.


That’s because they don’t have rights to the 2nd Friday game in Sydney


NRL Nation makes its debut tomorrow.

Here is what it will cover for Round 1:

Source: NRL Nation website

Interesting that only a select number of Grant stations will take the early Friday night game, whilst 4RO is the only Grant station to air a Thursday night match.


Makes sense for 2NM to take the Knights game. Although I do wish it wasn’t the fking 6pm game! Fk you Rupert!


Talking lifestyle is taking the Friday game in Sydney not 2sm. Interesting. No Sunday game?


I guess it’s a consequence of the Knights performances over the last few years, that they are getting the less popular timeslots.

Surely they can’t come last again and start to get some more free to air games again.


The whole idea of 6pm Friday games is stupid. It only benefits one person - and the moment he dies, his empire will come crashing down, and should become a national holiday. Rupert - f**k off.

It’s not just a Knights thing - even though I’d have to essentially take the day off to even get there. I went to a 6pm game at ANZ Stadium…getting through Sydney traffic and public transport at that time is a massive hassle. The one thing Greenberg can do to win back fans is tell Rupert to f**k off and die. Move it to another day.


Caralis not taking 6pm game? I would think they’d be straight onto that. If I were an AMbroadcaster I’d take as many games as possible, surely it’s a no brainer, they’re just going to take regular talkback otherwise or take a music show which wouldn’t gain as much listenership.


They’d risk losing ratings in the important ‘callers saying “India”’ demographic


Talkin Sport just now said they have 2 games on 2sm tonight starting at 6pm and Sunday.


I knew that but why is 4MMM taking a game in NQ?


Funny I saw Talkin Sport & I thought Talking Lifestyle.

I hope the new station don’t call themselves Talking sport LOL. There will be confusion.


On the NRL Nation website, under the “Radio Markets” column, there’s now a complete list of stations that are taking the call of each match.


Interestingly, some games are on KIK FM the Mareeba narrowcast country music station, sister station of 4AM.


I can’t find the link on the homepage.


Try this link:


2GB’s coverage this weekend. Calling 6 games.

Mat Thompson calling a game for 2GB. One-off or has he joined 2GB?


Listening to NRL Nation through 2SM on tunein and I say the Coverage is a bit like Comtinous Call Team without the Old Farts & no Analogue Coverage in Melbourne either where Classic Rock 1377 could’ve take.