NRL coverage


Is it Crocmedia or MMM producing SCA’s games? What happens in Newcastle where SCA and Billy Boy both have stations?

Also, are Crocmedia’s games going to stations like 2NM that have taken 2GB’s coverage for years? Do they get to pick and choose?


Will we be able to hear Cromedia broadcasts in Sydney? Or will it not be allowed because of it being a Triple M market?


Unless it’s a regional-only syndication thing, maybe 2SM might air them (like how they’ve aired other Crocmedia sport programs/coverage in recent times)?


Would assume it’s Triple M if the AFL rights are a guide (whereby Crocmedia has commercial exclusivity in regional areas aside from SCA stations)


The Crocmedia deal will result in live calls returning to 2SM, as well as other regional markets.

Found an article on smh. I did not hear it mentioned on talkin sport. They don’t seem to be using Grahame Hughes.


Macquarie Media confirmed on its media release on NRL radio rights that regional areas of NSW, Queensland and NT will hear matches covered by both NRL Nation and Continuous Call Team. MM executive chairman Russell Tate said:

(Crocmedia) will have rights to syndicate Continuous Call Team broadcasts into regional markets and will also produce its own NRL Nation calls of up to four games not being called by the Continuous Call Team. Regional networks and stations will therefore have access to every NRL game played every week and the combined effect of a broader regional station base and access to more NRL games will significantly expand the game’s radio reach.


So in Sydney will it be talking lifestyle or 2sm or both or maybe nts? . Interesting…


It’ll most likely be like Crocmedia’s AFL coverage where they only refer to as “Talking Lifestyle & NSW regional”.

Crocmedia don’t seem to know a thing about 2SM Sydney.


I don’t see why MMM can’t take the KOFM call. After all they take the local calls for AFL matches in SA or WA or QLD…


KO uses their own sponsors such as national central where triple M uses Brydens. That’s the only reason why, same as why they don’t use 4TO’s Cowboys call team.


Like nearly everyone else in Sydney. :laughing:


I haven’t seen any official sources stating 2SM are carrying NRL nation


Are SEN going to take any games, will be on SRN which is good news


And will Grant drop the 2GB coverage or take 8 games.


2CC is a 75% relay of 2GB so it will be interesting what happens there with the NRL coverage.


Depending on the rights that Crocmedia have negotiated, 2CC (and other regionals) will probably have to take the Crocmedia feed when available.

It’s similar with the AFL radio rights, despite Macquarie also actually owning 6PR and Talking Lifestyle (Sydney/Brisbane), they still see have to take the Crocmedia feed instead of 3AW.


2SM are running sweeps and promos about it. One of them uses the late Frank Hyde.


ABC always uses the local call teams for NRL


strong text MacQuarie Media have Confirmed that Talking Lifestyle will be no more after March 30th 2018 so NRL Mation will not be Mentioning Talking Lifestyle after March 29th due to the New Sports Radio Station coming ti Sydney & Brisbane on Saturday March 30th 2018.


Yes but the ABC is not commercial. The KOFM is a huge cash cow for them, I doubt brydens lawyers who pump huge money into the Triple M NRL coverage would be happy to hear their name unmentioned because Singleton Toyota and National Central are the main sponsors of the KO call. It’s all to do with the ad revenue.