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Still, better than the 1000th play of Bruno Mars I suppose.


Actually, I got that wrong. It was Sheppard - Hometown.

You don’t like Sheppard or just that song?


Can never get into Sheppard. “Geronimo” still gives me the urge to rip the radio out of my dashboard, and “Coming Home” is stale now (got flogged on Nova and KIIS particularly on release)


That’s a shame. I think they’re great and haven’t heard them enough on radio.


Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather them overplay Australian acts rather than relying on the same old imports, but it’s just not my cup of tea when it comes to Aussie pop


Fair enough. I wish they’d play a wider variety and I don’t mean Day Drunk - Morgan Evans which I think is :face_vomiting:

That’s number one on their playlist now. But why? :roll_eyes:

Meanwhile, they wouldn’t play Waiting - Kian even though it’s been on the charts for 4 months now. Then suddenly they “discovered” it a couple of weeks ago and now it’s number 5 on their “most played”. :roll_eyes: They’re hopeless at discovering and suppodting new Aussie music.


Sounds listenable, would love to look at their playlist from today… Do you know which website it was again that is like online radio box?

Not to mention The Fox as well :nauseated_face:

Hometown is a great song, but when it was new it only ever got played in Brisbane.

Makes me wanna

I know, Fox only just added 3 weeks ago… I must say though when I look at Hit105’s playlist they seem to always be the station that plays Aussie hits before anyone. Kinda like Triple J


Nova has a kink for country music lately.


:roll_eyes: I don’t know who copied who but they all started playing it now, around the same time.

I really would like to know what makes Nova, Hit and KIIS play ot now, and not earlier? One adds it and the other two just copy for fear of missing out? Or is there more to it?

Only Triple J plaued “first” like four months ago.


Here’s the link for Nova 96.9:


Good onya. I had the link on my PC and was trying to find it on my phone.

It’s a good site but it shows the time stsmstamps ps in a Russian time zone. Unless there’s a way you can change your time zone?


Thanks :+1:

It’s been on the Hit Nights playlist for a while, from memory Danny Lakey played it in late September… Fox Workday just added it when survey period finished, Hit105 Workday added it late November, same with Hit929 Workday and obviously it’s ‘too new’ for 2Day FM to play just yet


Give 2Day another 30 years.


not just Nova, country is making inroads and is one of the fastest growing music genres in this country. The Range with Lee Kernaghan might get its detractors here, but for SCA the feedback is terrific. Morgan Evans, Keith Urban, Maren Morris, Sam Hunt and others are getting the airplay because they deserve it and secondly because there’s not that much pop out at present from the bigger artists.


Just as long as it stays on SCA’s stations like Triple M and 2Day then that’s fine. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well that’s different. Obviously. Smallzy on Nova plays heaps of fresh music too. Songs and artists that are only played on his show. I think they play a lot of music that should be played all day but it isn’t and the station is worse for it.

What we’re talking about here is the wider playlist from Breakfast to Drive which does not have enough of the new and fresh music.


Yes I know same as Wakey It’s Lakey/Ash London Live, but it was played on Nights back in September just to explain how long ago it was released or ‘Trending’.

I know what we are talking about, but I must ask, has this always been an issue? Or back in the 2000’s when the Hot 30 Countdown was on, did the music from that countdown ever get played during the Workday?
And just to get back to the Smallzy thing. I don’t think he plays as newer music as Hit at night. I mean wasn’t he still playing Youngblood and Eastside and those sort of songs only a month or so ago? Ash London, Keegs, Danny Lakey or whoever is doing nights for that matter, has a ‘Trending 10’ with most of the music being played not being any older than 2 months. I think Smalzzy’s show isn’t as ‘new’ as you think he might be…


When Nova started off as “Sounds Different”, the stuff at night was played all day. Whether there were still some tracks that were only played at night, quite possibly, but it’s nowhere as wide as it is today. They certainly didn’t play music from two decades earlier during the workday, back then. That was a big no no. They played heaps of new, indie and alternative music. They sat comfortably between 2Day and Triple J and that sent them to number one.

:roll_eyes: Oh, FFS. Yeah. Hit are newer, first, better. :roll_eyes: Can’t you ever have a conversation without towing the party line? You’re worse than politicians who try to sell us a shonky policy that nobody wants to buy and they don’t believe thrmselves. :joy:


When did I ask about Nova? I specifically said The Hot 30 Countdown! Is that all you think about… Nova?

For what? A year?

Your the one that’s trying to sell Nova to all of us- Look below

But what if I don’t want to listen to Smallzy? What are you gonna do? Sue me…


Well, we are discussing Nova in the Nova thread. :roll_eyes:

Do we have to discuss Hit in every thread, do we? :joy:


Sorry, my bad