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I totally agree. I’d rather it be different and new, rather than what it is right now. Unfortunately, the changes they have made have boosted their ratings, so makes it hard to argue against it.

From the success of Gold and Smooth, it’s obvious radio listeners are ageing and if 2Day, Nova and KIIS don’t try and grab some of their listeners, they will just fall further and further behind. Hence, 2Day sounding more and more like 2WS every day and Nova appealing to their original launch listeners and playing the mouldy oldies they like as they get closer to middle age.


I’m different in this regard - I believe if you’re in a competitive market, you should be doing everything to make sure your frequency is spot on.

NOVA 100 is stupid - it could be 99.9 or 100.1 or 100.3 … be SPECIFIC. You’re in a battle with 2 other like-sounding stations. It might have been “funky” when you were the Sounds Different format, but now you’re in a very competitive situation, you need to be fully engaged.

You have 1019 The FOX and KIIS 101.1 mentioned in every sweep. Get the frequency spot on.

I don’t understand why American stations can’t work that out either. Like WEBE 108 in Connecticut. We Be 108 - no, you be 107.9

Q104 - no, you’re Q104.3


I’d go slightly different - I reckon they’re the old MIX 106.5 but slightly more upbeat.


Yep, that’s what I think too with my limited listening of 2Day. Reminds me of Mix 101.1 (106.5 probably sounded the same) in around 2011 but with more 80s stuff and as you mentioned, more upbeat.

2Day has more R&B and rap compared to Mix.


I agree.

Yep, for a while now (especially during most surveys of 2018) the major battle in Sydney FM radio outside of breakfast has been more between Smooth 95.3 and WSFM than any of the younger-skewing musit stations.

Now while I personally don’t think a Smooth or WS-like format is what Nova, 2Day & KIIS should be running with, I do think all three stations might benefit from playing more 1990s/2000s tracks while still retaining a focus on new music. The days of radio stations exclusively focusing on new/recent music are coming to an end (if they haven’t ended already), because many younger listeners won’t even be listening to terrestrial radio in 2019.

I personally would’ve said that Smooth 95.3 is quite a lot like the old Mix 106.5, with a splash of older music you might expect to hear on 2CH or pre-2014 WSFM.


to an extent I agree, but MIX could be quite upbeat on occasion, something Smooth probably needs to look carefully at to block some of the WS creep-over.

You can be Smooth but that doesn’t mean you have to be monotone - get some slick pop in there just to give it a kick.


I believe you’re referring to Mix 106.5 of the 90s if you’re comparing it with Smooth, back when the station had “Sydney’s Continuous Easy Mix of the 70s, 80s & 90s” as their positioner.


To be fair, since Ben Larimar has been PD I have heard a lot more frequency ID’s in Sydney.


So biased and tasteless.

Thank you @Richo you legend!

I don’t know what you have against Fifi or Fev?

Thank you :pray:


Is it tasteless to mention poor ratings now? :roll_eyes: Well, if their ratings were better, it wouldn’t be mentioned.


Mentioning facts is not biased, nor tasteless.


I personally don’t like the show, thought that’d be obvious by my comment.


Yeah but you still haven’t explained why? What is it about the show for you?


I’d love to know why you are so defensive for the Fox and Fifi, Fev and Byron.
You asked me that exact question a while ago too.


Not defensive. Just curious as why it is named ‘awful’. I certainly wouldn’t say that about any breakfast show no matter what network or station.


We havent said its awful. We just dislike it.
Everyone has different tastes.


??? What do you mean


My bad. Guess I missed that.

Either way I stand by my point with everyone having different opinions about the show :stuck_out_tongue:


Nova to me, does sound rather stale at the moment, agreed, but neither KIIS or Hit are pushing the boat out with something new and exciting.
Some of the daytime jocks, sure. Troy Ellis is a far better asset to Nova than Greg Burns is, but they need to take a listen, and not be afraid to push boundaries, get some of the spark that makes a high energy jock who enjoys the music and the role, sound so good.
Sounds Different era would definitely be a good place to start. Take inspiration from peers, not imitate. Smooth wouldn’t have gotten half as far as they have if they didn’t test the waters - oh wait. That’s Vega.

As for frequencies, when I think of 96.9, I really don’t think many people would even know of Hit Shepparton, or 91.9, Hit Bendigo, or whatever. They’d go straight to Nova in terms of thought process, because regional areas, aren’t exactly the well known frequency areas. (And I’m sure the denizens of Melbourne would confuse Hit Mackay with Nova 100, or Power FM Mt Barker)
As for stations with the .x removed, if it works for Z100 for example, as a strong brand, I don’t see an issue with Nova 100 being minus the .3. I highly doubt that Z100 would have half the energy and recall attached to it, if it had the .3 on the end.

Realistically to the average listener, the brand probably matters more than saying the frequency, and making sure the content is up to scratch. You don’t see BBC radio 1 or 2, or Triple J listing off every frequency they have.


I’m seriously over all the 90s and 00s songs being played on high rotation as if they just came out this week. I just reach for the dial every time I hear another Beyonce or Justin Timberlake track. :face_vomiting: Not to mention the incessant Bruno Mars, Pink, Ed Sheeran and Rhianna stuff.

However, having said that, I’m finding that the playlist is better this week with the summer fill-ins than it is during the usual ratings periods. Same was true last summer.

For example, this morning on the drive in to work I heard all the best fresh hits mixed with recent hits and a lot of Aussie tracks which don’t usually get a run:
Troye Sivan - My, My, My
Illy & Vera Blue - Papercuts
Pnau - Chameleon
Sheppard - Hometown