Nova Network

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But what does that have to do with the frequency IDs in sweepers?


I’d be willing to predict that in Sydney & Melbourne, Nova Entertainment quite understandably pours more money into the higher rating Smooth 95.3/91.5 (which do have local IDs the last I checked) even though those two also have a fair bit of voice tracked programming outside breakfast.

Although us media enthusiasts quite enjoy sweeper IDs with the local frequencies included, I honestly don’t think the average listener really cares.


That it’s lazy programming, I’m not sure if you know but a frequency is the only reason why an FM Radio Station exists and I think stations should cherish their frequency because it is a real privilege to own a commercial Fm station on a frequency and Nova take it for granted. Why can’t they be like Kiis in Sydney/Melbourne or Fox/2Day in Melbourne/Sydney with literally every promo, sweeper or piece of production containing the frequency ID.

Yeah, I know they don’t but still, that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that they are cutting jobs with such lazy production


You criticise them for being too similar to KIIS in some areas but then you want them go be exactly like KIIS in others? :roll_eyes:


Don’t put words in my mouth, I just want Nova to own their frequency, like most other commercial FM stations because right now when I think of 100.3 or 96.9, I think of Hit Mackay and Hit Shepparton because when I listen to Nova, I have to physically look at the radio to see what the frequency is. I can’t just hear the frequency listening to the station… Unlike the Hit stations where they play the frequency of the station at least once every 5 minutes. I associate those frequencies with the station I hear them on the most. Nova just don’t have the production staff obviously to put a simple frequency in a sweeper!


Why do you need to hear the frequency if you’ve already found Nova?


Same cars don’t have presets do they?


Huh? You said if you’re listening to Nova you can’t hear them say the frequency. So why do you need to hear it if you’ve already found, and listening to, Nova?


Frequencies are an important part of the brand, but with online streaming and DAB+ I can see why Nova (and most radio networks) are placing less of an emphasis on frequencies in their branding than they did say, 10 years ago.

Aside from anything that requires locally based production like breakfast show promos, personally I’d be very surprised if SCA (and to a lesser extent, ARN) weren’t already doing some level of centralised production of their Promos and Station IDs, etc.


Because I don’t listen to them religiously like you do, and don’t expect everyone to listen to the station you listen to. If they are playing a good song I might listen for that but then it’s almost guaranteed nowadays that the next song they play will be an over flogged song from 6 months ago, so I don’t hang around, I always flick back to KIIS/Fox. Sometimes I forget that they are actually on 100.3 because it’s that long since I’ve listened to them. And I wouldn’t put them in my presets… But when I do listen to them for those 2 or 3 songs, I wouldn’t mind them playing a frequency ID not just for me to know what station to tune back to when other stations are playing ads. But also for other listeners who wouldn’t put Nova in their presets either and would still have to tune their dial to their frequency if they weren’t happy with what they’re currently listening to.


I don’t expect anyone to do anything.

I’m not having a conversation with you anymore. All you seem to do is disagree, which is fine, but then go on the attack when someone doesn’t listen to Hit and you don’t respect other people’s tastes/ opinions.

Happy New Year. You’re a joy to have around here.


So last century.

I really don’t think many people are constantly tuning in and out to find that elusive radio station. My car is over ten years old and it has 18 preset buttons available.

Some of the newer cars have more preset buttons. When searching manually, all the stations come up automatically with the name and frequency listed and you choose them from a list.

Car Radios

And? Something wrong with that?

Likewise with you and Nova

And to you too


You’re still using last century thinking for today. Much like 2Day and Triple M do.


Do you feel proud of that comment?


It’s a fact. Look at their ratings.


I think JBar makes some decent points. Most people have preset buttons on their car radios and many modern FM receivers (including newer car radios) will also display the station name/frequency via RDS.

As for the “last century thinking” comment…at the very least I personally think 2DayFM & Triple M could be performing a lot better, remembering that both SCA Sydney stations have consistently rated below KIIS, Smooth, WS and Nova in recent years.


Please play nicely everyone.


All three stations - KIIS, Hit and NOVA - are just poor.

There’s no consistency, no heritage, no energy and nothing to make a listener feel like they’re a part of them.

KIIS would be nothing without K&J. There’s no succession planning either. Will and Woody aren’t it.

Hit are rebuilding in Sydney but need to find that sweet spot - I would be more 90s and now Hits, with the occasional WOW 80s. They’ve missed a chance to be different by having another 3 person breakfast show instead of putting in a music personality and playing more hits than the other guys.

NOVA is scattered - they panicked at Hit’s format change and tried the blocking tactic. It’s worked so far, but they’ve really lost that “different” and “new” position in the market. Out of the three, NOVA sounds the most tired.


Nova is a bit messy, without KT&M and Fitzy and Wippa they’d be in a lot of trouble I reckon. In Melbourne breakfast isn’t setting the world on fire and probably skews older than they’d like.

FOX is still the strongest even though it has such an awful breakfast show that people seem to love.

In regards to frequencies, “nova 100” doesn’t tell you that much either really, they don’t matter much unless you’re a brand new entrant or have changed names recently.