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I agree with those.

The original version was messy, but the edited version seems easy enough for the reader to follow. Local breakfast, national drive, nights, Christmas Day.

I’d personally prefer to hear a local breakfast program in all metro markets during Summer, even if that means only having one locally based announcer in the studio/on-air. For the sake of 4-6 weeks, I think most people wouldn’t mind listening to a predominantly music-based breakfast program with minimal chit-chat during a traditionally more “laid back” time of year.

Also I’m not sure about everyone else but I personally wouldn’t want to listen to networked and outside of Sydney/Melbourne, likely delayed content (due to time differences) at breakfast time over Summer.

Regardless of the network, national breakfast programs over Summer really should be a last resort for smaller regional markets without sufficient resources to run a local show of their own while the regulars are away and maybe the period between December 24 & January 1 when almost everyone wants to be on holidays.


You say that as if Nova are doing it and Hit aren’t? Not sure if you realised but in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, Nova are playing repeated content from earlier in the year. At least with a national breakfast show you don’t have to put up with repeated content you’ve heard all before.

It’s not delayed, it’s live into Sydney and Melbourne?? You can see on their instagram… Don’t just assume it’s delayed, you Sydney centered person, there are other cities in Australia as well.

Are you calling SCA cheap? If you are, go say it to Grant Blackley’s face, I’d like to see that


I don’t suppose anyone has a copy of the original text? The edited version has dropped a lot of the detail about the daytime/overnight shifts.


I did realise that and indeed, personally think that Nova (along with Hit & KIIS) should have some form of live/local breakfast programming during the Summer break, even if that means just having one announcer in the studio to back announce songs and tell their listeners of events happening in their city that day/over the weekend which would be of interest to the station’s target demographic.

That’s all well and good…if you live in the right time zone.

Umm…I was obviously referring to the fact that outside of Sydney & Melbourne (or NSW, the ACT, Victoria & Tasmania, depending on how many regions get the program via their local Hit stations), the program would likely be aired on delay - three hours old by the time Perth/WA gets to hear it.


And yes, I’m well aware that there’s other cities in Australia.

As far as their breakfast programming over Summer is concerned, yes.

I’m more than happy to praise the Hit Network whenever I feel it’s warranted. But this isn’t the time or thread to do that, so I’ll leave it there.

Unfortunately I don’t, sorry.


What sort of delay are you talking about? They are doing the show 5-8am their time, 6-9am our time, are you talking like a 30 sec delay for it to get to Sydney? It obviously isn’t live into Brisbane because they are an hour behind…


I thought the Hit Network Breakfast Program was coming out of Sydney or Melbourne rather than Brisbane so stand corrected on that. But Perth would probably get delayed content (two hours instead of three, but still not ideal) if it’s run in a similar way to national/network drive programs and the like.

Now, let’s go back to discussing Nova. Presumably there’ll be a mostly unchanged regular presenting lineup across the board for 2019?


Troy Ellis presenting on Nova 969 this Christmas Day morning.

The full statement can be found here
Sounds very serious. It has been picked by Seven with more info on The Latest.


Someone in Nigeria could steal my identity. These cyber thieves now know my name, date of birth and my favourite songs from August 2010.

This is private information. I don’t want want everyone to know that I am the only person in Australia who can’t stand Rhianna’s “Only Girl In The World”. I’ll be driven out of Surry Hills by an angry mob from Arq.


You’re not the only one that hates that song and the Nigerian Prince knows that. :joy:

I received an email from Nova this morning explaining the trouble. Problem is they sent it to my old email address which was my work one. I changed it to a private email address years ago to avoid receiving this stuff at work but now I get another email at work.


They’d have sent it using the compromised contact details. The dataset is likely no longer linked to their current database and it would be difficult to link it with their current records.


I just want to gather opinions on this new version of Nova.

Since they’ve implemented the Greatest Hits Workday and Greatest Hits Weekend, what do people think?

Do you like it better than it was before?

I think it’s great. A really good playlist of brand new and greatest hits. Troy is great and we’ve still got the heritage shows in all capitals and Kate, Tim and Marty. Most consistent network compared to constant line up changes from KIIS and Hit.

Not a bad job at the moment. Keep it up!


I preferred Nova when it was under its original “Sounds Different” format.

More alternate music. New music. Taking on triple j & sounding very “hot right now”.

These days its look & feel is dated and old.


Totally agree. The look of Nova doesn’t feel young anymore, but they are probably going for an older market now? (Not classic-hits old, but older skewed).


The irony with stations like “Nova” (meaning new) and Hit (usually associated with top 40 Hit music) both playing more older tracks.


Good to hear someone likes it…

Sounds almost the exact same as the Hit station or KIIS station in every capital city, nothing really that special about the playlist??

Good on you

The only problem I have with Nova isn’t really their Greatest Hits Workday/Weekend, I mean I preferred them when they sounded younger, but if they want to skew older like they’re doing, well nothing’s gonna stop them is it? As I say my issue with them is more the fact that since this new format has come out, the production side of Nova has been non-existent and sounding like complete laziness… Every single sweeper I hear listening to them is just- Non Stop Hits, Nova- I preferred them a lot better when they had integrated intros with artist integration and younger voices making them sound fresher. Like for example I thought nothing sounded better than the ‘Fresh Hits’ whisper when I heard it. But who knows maybe I’m wrong, maybe they want to sound old and boring with their sweepers and save money on production, even if it sounds bad and really is lazy. The other thing I don’t get about Nova is how they never have frequency ID’s in sweepers or intros either. And as long as I know they never have. Listen to all the Hit and KIIS stations in capital cities they all have frequency ID’s. EVEN the HIT Regionals have frequency ID’s and Area ID’s in their sweepers!!! Why doesn’t Nova? I mean we already know they aren’t a ‘local’ station when it comes to broadcasting…(Networking Arvo’s and Morning’s in the two biggest markets of the country!!) but seriously it isn’t that hard to make yourself feel just that little bit more local by putting a frequency ID in a sweeper!! Laziness.


They’ve had them in the past. Not sure if they still do now because I don’t obsessively listen to sweepers and criticise them, but i have heard them The thing is, people are just as likely to listen online as on a radio frequency these days so the frequency ID becomes less important.


Is that their excuse to cut production jobs?


By not having frequency IDs in sweepers?

How so?


Well do we even know if there is a head of production at NE Sydney