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Precisely, It’s now obvious that everyone in this thread is a fan of D Grade Celebs and think that just because they worked well on tv, are now suddenly just as entertaining on radio, that they are labelled the

Over real radio people, who are actually trying to make it in the industry, eg. Those Two Girls, Radio Chaser, Gordie…


How about you just worry about Melbourne then mate.


Ok no worries, when does Survey 8 come out?


The results get released next Tuesday, December 18. However, the actual surveying finished for the year on Saturday.


May I ask, why isn’t Matty J, Sarah and De Groot national? What do the other Nova’s have on?


Breakfast isn’t national for the rest of the year so why should now be any different?

They tried the “best of” Fitzy and Wippa last time and listeners weren’t that happy with hearing repeated content especially since it gets repeated nightly and in weekends already. They’ve gone back to trying different teams and maybe nurturing talent for the future.

They should all be doing that.


I’d prefer a live national breakfast show with new content, rather than a best of’s show in 4 markets with repeated content and a live show in the other


It’s not a “best of” show on Nova. It’s new content for the local market which is what listeners want.


I wouldn’t say that I’m a regular listener of the station, but if Nova are retaining local breakfast programs over the Summer break that’s a really good thing. Sure, it won’t be the same as having the “ratings period” presenters on but even having just one locally based presenter on breakfast to break up the songs & Traffic/News/Weather Updates is a great way of nurturing and developing talent for the future while still providing listeners with fresh content each morning.

Networked breakfast shows might be acceptable for small regional markets with barely any resources, but I wouldn’t say SCA doing a networked breakfast show on the Hit Network in metro markets (especially here in Sydney, where 2DayFM need to build all the momentum they can during Summer) is ideal.


Your small minded ways are really doing your opinion no justice, in what I was saying was (if you knew there were other Nova stations in other cities you would know) that in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, Nova are all doing best of or prerecorded shows where as Hit are doing a live national show from Brisbane. The only place Nova are doing a live breakfast show is in Sydney, so I’m saying if all other markets have a best of show running, why not make Matty, Sarah and De Groot National like Hit are doing with Those two Girls. Seems pointless having it only run in Sydney.

You are missing the point??


I think you’ve done enough trolling for today. Now go back and do some real work to save the Austereo network.


What’s the Austereo network? What are you talking about? Hit? At least our network is stronger overall than your very own Nova 96.9… How’s Paul going at the moment? Are you the new program director after Sarah’s taken an on air role?


Seriously, mate. You’ve got some issues. Why do you take any criticism about the “Hit network” so personally?

I don’t work for Nova. I’m only taking part in the discussion. If you cared to notice, I criticised one of their choices for summertime presenter only this morning.

I criticise 2Day and KIIS when they deserve it.


So do I, I despise the fact they went through 5 breakfast shows after KJ and now the 6th, seems so ridiculous. I wish Guy knew a thing about consistency like Paul did with Fitzy and Wippa

Hit Network

Ok, time to move on


Kate, Tim and Marty repeats are on.


Nova network Summer Schedule:


But rarely Nova

Seems stupid Matty and Sarah isn’t national


Rubbish. Go back and read my comments.

Just a few of my criticisms of Nova:

The repetitive nature of the playlist. Some songs played every two hours.
The repetitiveness of a limited number of throwbacks.
The lack of fresh hits at breakfast and drive.
English imports on Australian radio.
Greg Burns going national.


That is by far the most random schedule I have ever seen… It really is hard to look at, I mean shouldn’t that be the email that is sent round to every Nova Daytime announcer. That really is not the sort of thing you should put on radiotoday, it isn’t even an article just a mess. A national breakfast show would make things seem a lot less messy from reader’s and listener’s perspective