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You could also have sponsored music programs eg. “brought to you by X…”


Cricket legend Brett Lee bowls out ScoMo at Fitzy & Wippa’s Backyard Cricket


Is this the last week of Fitzy and Wippa & Kate, Tim and Marty?


Greg Burns too?


Where is Greg Burns on?


With the studios out of action, Nathan, Nat & Shaun did their shift from the boardroom this morning


Final shows for the year today. From Monday breakfast show will feature regulars Matt De Groot, Sarah McGilvray plus The Bachelor’s Matty J. Why do so many TV and radio shows try to shoehorn him in?


Hmm I’m actually happy with Matt and Sarah. Should be a good, familiar show whilst the boys are off.


Is this just for Sydney, or the whole network? The articles suggest just Sydney, but there’s been no announcements about the other cities.


Chrissie, Sam & Browny are in ‘best of’ mode for at least next week


Last day for KT&M and for the record they return 21 January 2019.


Matt and Sarah doing well with Lenno keeping things on track. All good.

Matty J can at least talk but like many reality show contestants just has nothing to say. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Best breakfast offering though in Sydney this morning.


Has anyone or can anyone confirm the whereabouts of Greg Burns?

Which Nova is he on and what shift/s?


From his Instagram. he has been posting photos from Melbourne for the past six months, except for a trip to Bali. Comments posted said that he was on Nova 100 in October.

He was swimming at the beach in Sydney on 1 December and then left for the UK that day. He says he’ll be back in Sydney in mid-January. He has stand-up comedy shows happening in Brisbane in March and says more dates in Sydney to follow.


No way, I’d rather listen to Those Two Girls rather than some D-Grade Celebrity and K&JO’s former EP.


Is it your job to go around everywhere on the internet and spruik your station’s shows and bag everyone else?

I noticed you targeted Greg Burns’ Instagram posts too with rubbish about Fox. Disrespectful.


Who is KJ’s former EP?


Sarah McGilvray 2008-2010

No it isn’t, I just don’t know how Sarah and Matt can be the most entertaining breakfast show in Sydney at the moment when there are more entertaining shows on other stations like 2Day’s Those Two Girls, 2MMM’s Radio Chaser and even on KIIS with Gordie, when did I say anything about Fox’s shows??


It’s almost as if different people can have different opinions :thinking: