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Sounds like their drive show tbh :woman_shrugging:t2:


The Grand Final Eve Eve show will be broadcast live from Melbourne’s Federation Square main stage with Chrissie, Sam and Browny all appearing.


Shane Lowe, the one part of Lewis & Lowe with Hayley Pearson breakfast program on Nova 91.9 in Adelaide, is departing the station to return to Perth spend more time with family & friends. Nova 91.9’s mornings announcer, Jarrod Walsh, will replace him from Monday.

Source: Radioinfo


Perth boy, Dave McClung is moving east again. Transferring within Nova.

He’s posted it to social media so you might as well read about it here before the sleepy radio news websites, one of which writes the ACRAs are on 20 September.


Matt De Groot from Fitzy & Wippa on Nova made it on Entertainment Tonight yesterday.


Matt is one of the few good things about a once great station. He’s a thorough newsman, great mentor to many and has the knack of getting a great yarn, such as this.


Sorry, little bit off topic but I’ve just found that Online Radio Box have put the Hit93.5 Dubbo playlist or the Regional Hit Network playlist on their website and have just been comparing them, as mentioned previous in this thread.

Sea FM and Hit93.5 have the same playlist so I thought I’d compare them to Nova, (for some reason Sea FM Playlist isn’t on the box?)


Hope this is the right thread for this.


Keith Urban, Amy Shark, Vance Joy and Vera Blue will perform on Nova Red Room in the week leading up to ARIA Awards at the end of this month.


Why does Star 104.5 not take KT&M? It’s Nova owned? Do KT&M air on another station on the central coast?


Maybe it’s because unlike SCA (who own the other two commercial stations in the region), Nova Ent recognises that Star 104.5 needs to have a different format from Nova & Smooth, which can be heard well across most of the Central Coast, as well as having a more local focus to the region they serve, in which they have the only live-&-local drive program on local commercial radio.


And the irrefutable fact that local announcers, even good ones on good pay (no idea who is the drive announcer in the case to know) cost a lot less than the expensive national shows that are forced upon audiences.


A national show might cost more to produce bit it costs a lot less for each market to put it on rather than each produce their own.


seeing as Nova own star it would actually save them money, but they only have 2 announcers outside breakfast anyway so they could keep them on even if they did run KTM.


No need to produce a show in each market.

Great music shift can rate well and has done up against formidable opposition.

Aware of all that, still feel local is best.


So you want to sack all the presenters in favour of music only?


A music shift is a shift hosted live by an announcer. Perhaps you haven’t heard of the term much in recent years with the proliferation of the networked shows.


Yes, but if each local station did that then they’d have to employ a presenter and all the associated staff to produce it. That would arguably be more expensive than having a networked show.


Most (if not all) provinical and regional music shifts have just the one presenter. There’s no other local production costs, and can save further if you have no local music director (as seen in SCA’s regional stations, for example)


Music shifts also have a lot less opportunity for sponsorship, so even if it was cheaper to employ a single presenter in each market, sales would also take a dive offsetting whatever savings there may be.