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I don’t know any of these hits ,not missing out that’s for sure .Only know Dean Lewis “Be Alright “ Surprised Triple M play this one


repetitive 30 second ads and repetitive music… sounds like a good fit really


Marty Sheargold was a guest on Fitzy & Wippa this morning and this time it was a major bagging of another repetitive track I Wanna Know by NOTD which Nova has been playing to death, every three hours for the past six months. Marty was sarcastically saying how fortunate he was to have been put on hold before chatting to them and had to listen to his “favourite” song again which he loves so much. :joy: Fitzy & Wippa were in hysterics because they agree about the repetitiveness of the playlist.

Unbelievable that this song that only peaked at number 19 remains in the top 10 Nova most played tracks, after all this time.

Later in the interview Marty says “Nothing makes sense any more.” They got rid of the Nova boy but they play that song. :laughing:


Greg Burns is apparently returning to Nova next week according to comments on his Instagram.


They’d be nuts to put him back on Mornings considering the success that Troy is having in the spot. Save Greg for weekends.


Totally agree. This has been working.


Troy Ellis has been added to the website officially on 9am-1pm weekdays.

Maybe Greg is getting his own show somewhere else?


And Greg Burns has been removed.


He’s off both 969 and 100 websites now though?


Looks like it.


Greg Burns is on Nova 100 right now.
Not sure if he is only on locally or Sydney too etc.


Troy is on Nova 969


And Troy promoting that he is also on weekdays.


Smallzy doing a regular shift this morning on Nova 969. No “show” as such, just the regular shift like Troy and DC.

Greg Burns on Nova 100.


Could this be the end of dual programming and dedicated programs for each capital city?

Troy doing Mornings in Sydney, and Greg Burns mornings in Melbourne?


Pre-roll ads are back on Nova stations, at least on RadioApp.


They keep popping in and out every few days. Don’t know why they bother. They significantly destroy the listening experience with metwork dropouts and just make you go to Spotify instead.


Celia Pacquola is filling in for Chrissie Swan this week.


Celia is on Mon-Wed, the Grand Final Eve Eve episode won’t feature her on Thursday.


Interestingly, Nova in Sydney is running a “bet of” Fitzy and Wippa but they are doing it by stealth because they aren’t advertising it as such.

They’ve prerecorded a new intro to the show each morning and added bits to the start or end of each segment like “Happy Tuesday” which make you think it’s live.

Newsreader Matt de Groot is the only one there live.