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Probably Hope 103.2, FBi, C91.3 from Campbelltown, and the Central Coast commercial stations.


I don’t know if it would be that high but it must be making an impact. Why don’t they include it in the survey?


I very much doubt it would be that much.
Maybe 2% I reckon

Don’t forget “other” includes community radio, I reckon FBI, 2MBS, Hope and 2SER would be 1-2% each. Plus all your suburban community stations are in that too e.g. SWR FM.


Troy Ellis has now been added to the RDS in Sydney which can only mean one thing. Bye bye Greg Burns.


When I’m in Sydney, I hear The Edge on in Ubers and shops equivalently as much as I hear KIIS or Nova. Anecdotal, of course, but I certainly hear The Edge a lot more than I hear any Central Coast stations or C91.3

I was in a trendy cafe in Melbourne the other day who were streaming The Edge online…

They would, but not in the public figures. Technically it’s a Western Sydney station, not a Sydney station. Technically, it’s a regional station and doesn’t get included in the official Sydney surveys for the same reason that Central Coast et al stations don’t. They also wouldn’t contribute financially to the survey for this reason.

I mean, how long has it been now since he’s been on-air??


The Edge does quite well in DAB+ surveys for the Sydney market, but it’s unclear just how many of those listeners are actually listening to 96.1FM.

I don’t doubt that ARN would have The Edge included in the main radio ratings surveys for the Sydney market if they could, but that’s for another topic.


Whomever logs into the desk should prompt the RDS to update the ‘on air now (xxxxx announcer)’.

Certain stores would be chasing the Edge market over the KIIS or Nova audience.

The signal is better over much of Sydney for 96.1 than the other two markets. However, if you were on the Upper/Lower North Shore or Northern Beaches, less Edge and perhaps more Central Coast as the signal is better. Like the shop anecdote, different audience would seek out 96.1 over the Central Coast stations.

All external licensees have offered to participate over the years but refused entry.

I’m sure DMG have toyed with the idea of Star on DAB+ to get some numbers. Likewise, SCA could do same.

Or on digital? What gave it away?


Assuming the have it set up to do so and that they’re running new-ish desks…

Of course, but certain stores could also run a Spotify playlist - as many do. I’m just saying that The Edge has quite a presence in Sydney - given it’s technically a regional station - and I’d suggest that it’s survey numbers are far greater than 2%.

To the Sydney FM survey…?

Well it had ‘Edge 961’ IDs and Sydney ads - TBF, I’ve never listened to the digital station in Melbourne, so I guess it’s possible that it’s a pure simulcast of the Sydney FM/Digital feed, but seems like a strange thing to do…


The Edge on DAB+ in Melbourne (and Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth) is a simulcast of The Edge 96.1 in Sydney, therefore these streams have Sydney ads, traffic etc.


Can Nova fix their RDS? It’s all over the place. Stuff from Smooth and Star sneaking through.


I know some people here think Nova’s playlist is still too tight but I’ve been listening all week and I’m loving the new Nova. Yes you hear the new songs a bit more than the greatest hits but that’s a good thing. I think they’ve got it right and the ratings reflect that.


I agree, I like a station that plays new music but also has variety


The variety needs to be wider though. If you listen to Fitzy and Wippa you’ll hear all the new songs every day. If you listen to Smallzy you’ll hear some different new songs but the same ones every day. Late nights are slightly different again but the same every day.

If they just played the different songs all throughout the day you’d have a wider variety and people could listen for longer rather than switch stations to avoid them.


Most people don’t listen for the entirety of each show - that is to say there’s not many people who listen to Fitzy & Wippa from 6am until 9am every single day. Similarly, there’s not many people who listen to Smallzy from 7pm - 10pm every single day.

I don’t know how repetitive each hour is but generally the repetition tends to be a high rotation song that has played in the 6am hour being played in the 8am hour the next day, for example, which I don’t personally think is as bad as what the workday rotations used to be like.

Many workplaces have the station on throughout the workday so repetition throughout the workday is, way worse than repetition outside of it - which seems to be Nova’s thinking as well.

Considering F&W must be playing, what - 4 songs per hour? 5 maybe? Surely there can’t be that much repetition day to day?

I have more of a problem with the same songs playing in, say, the 7-8am hour as the 4-5pm hour (hearing the same songs on the way to and from work) though I haven’t listened to Nova all that much since the change to ‘greatest hits workday’ so not sure if that’s still a problem.

Do they do greatest hits on the weekend? I stopped listening to Nova on the weekends because I would hear a song on the way to somewhere, stay there for an hour and then hear the same song driving home…


As of last weekend they have now started the Greatest Hits Weekends.


The Apple Music Fresh 40 with Smallzy has moved to the night time on Saturdays.

Seems they’ve listened to feedback about the need of a Saturday night show.

This makes it 7 nights a week that Smallzy is on.


This is true because radio is usually something you listen to while you’re getting ready to go to work or in transit to work or wherever else you may be travelling. But Nova uses every trick in the book to make listeners listen longer so they do actually want them to listen to the whole show.

It’s not the repetition within the three hour block that is the problem. They seem to have cut back on that during the popular shows. It’s playing those 10 to 20 high rotation songs every day. You are bound to hear them within the 3 hour block 3 or 4 times within the the week. But why do that? Why not expand the playlist to 50 “fresh” high rotation songs and play them less often? This would improve the switch off they now suffer.

They have somewhat addressed this with the greatest hits work day. The concern now is that they don’t put so many of those recent hits and past hits on high rotation so listeners get bored with these too. The greatest hits can be from a few decades so there is so much music to choose from so you wouldn’t need to repeat tracks within the same week but they currently do and way too much.

But there is. Some songs will be played every day pf the week while so many other chart songs or recent chart hits don’t get played at all. They need a wider playlist to avoid repetition. So many songs get added for a week or two and get played on high rotation but then get dropped completely while others hang around for months like a bad smell. Older hits need to be retired and need to be replaced by more current chart hits.

It is with the high rotation fresh hits. I often hear the same handful of songs between 6am and 7.45am again between 4.30pm and 5.45pm.

Indeed. This happens to me all the time. Drive to the gym, supermarket, cafe and then you hear the same songs again. This is why they need a wider playlist so songs aren’t repeated every two hours.


Last week on Fitzy and Wippa

|08:52|Kygo - Remind Me To Forget|
|08:37|Conrad Sewell - Healing Hands|
|08:17|Bazzi - Beautiful|
|08:08|George Ezra - Shotgun|
|07:50|Noah Kahan - Hurt Somebody|
|07:40|Panic At The Disco - High Hopes|
|07:18|Tom Walker - Leave A Light On|
|07:09|5 Seconds Of Summer - Youngblood|
|06:53|Shawn Mendes - In my blood|
|06:39|Troye Sivan - My My My|
|06:20|R Kelly - Ignition|
|06:06|Kygo - Born To Be Yours|

|08:52|Tom Walker - Leave A Light On|
|08:42|Maroon 5 - Girls Like You|
|08:24|Dua Lipa - Idga|
|08:15|Dean Lewis - Be Alright|
|08:06|Noah Kahan - Hurt Somebody|
|07:46|Conrad Sewell - Healing Hands|
|07:39|Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry|
|07:16|Kygo - Born To Be Yours|
|07:08|George Ezra - Shotgun|
|06:49|Keala Settle - This is me|
|06:38|One Republic - Apologize|
|06:20|5 Seconds Of Summer - Youngblood|
|06:06|Justin Bieber - Friends|

|08:51|The Weeknd - Can’t feel my face|
|08:44|Clean Bandit - Solo|
|08:34|Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry|
|08:15|Shawn Mendes - In my blood|
|08:07|Kygo - Born To Be Yours|
|07:49|Keala Settle - This is me|
|07:38|Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel|
|07:17|Maroon 5 - Girls Like You|
|07:09|Dean Lewis - Be Alright|
|06:53|Calvin Harris - Promises|
|06:47|Notd - I Wanna Know|
|06:35|Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A|
|06:18|Avicii - Addicted To You|
|06:06|George Ezra - Shotgun|

|08:53|Panic At The Disco - High Hopes|
|08:48|Dj Khaled - No Brainer|
|08:40|Zedd - The Middle|
|08:17|5 Seconds Of Summer - Youngblood|
|08:06|Kygo - Remind Me To Forget|
|07:47|Shawn Mendes - In my blood|
|07:39|Bazzi - Beautiful|
|07:16|Clean Bandit - Solo|
|07:09|Noah Kahan - Hurt Somebody|
|06:54|Dua Lipa - New Rules|
|06:38|Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars|
|06:20|Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love?|
|06:06|Dean Lewis - Be Alright|

|08:48|Benny Blanco - Eastside|
|08:37|Conrad Sewell - Healing Hands|
|08:24|Calvin Harris - One Kiss|
|08:15|Bazzi - Beautiful|
|08:06|George Ezra - Shotgun|
|07:51|Rudimental - These Days|
|07:43|Tom Walker - Leave A Light On|
|07:34|5 Seconds Of Summer - Youngblood|
|07:16|Ariana Grande - Breathin|
|07:06|Panic At The Disco - High Hopes|
|06:48|Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like|
|06:33|One Direction - Story Of My Life|
|06:18|Rihanna - Don’t Stop The Music|
|06:05|Shawn Mendes - In my blood|


which is 8 nights too many

Seriously, he’s just awful to listen to


The return of the dreaded native adverts on Radio App torturing us with repetitive 30 second ads after every drop out and return. Why do they keep doing this every few weeks?