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Haven’t they all been sacked?


truely the things of nightmares. Please don’t give it any more power. Have you not seen I, Robot?


Nova have started the “Greatest Hits Weekends” as of this morning.

Troy Ellis on also.


WTF, what are they doing???
Sending all their young audience to KIIS!!!


I don’t find the music that different to KIIS. I really don’t think the new playlist will do damage to Nova.


The problem is Nova, KIIS and 2Day are skewing older and now sound the same. This leaves only Triple J and the Edge playing the new music.

Nova was very repetitive when they played fresh hits, but IMO now they have skewed it far to old with the Greatest Hit Weekend / workday.

They need to move back more to the centre (political Punn) and adjust their format, and positioner. “Fresh hits and throwbacks” would be good. This way they can focus on playing more new music with less Greatest Hits, but not being repititive.

Tuesday is survey day so will be interesting to see how 2Day and Nova rate against KIIS.


How they sound the same as Kiis and 2Day except Nova is the worst of the three, with how repetitive they are making the Hot AC format sound. Why would you listen to Nova when they have the exact same playlist, When KIIS and 2Day play the format much better.



2day don’t do it better. Hardly any new stuff at all.


Exactly thats why its better… At least its not repetitive.


I think all 3 stations are falling behind the times. If you want the best mix of new, recent and old, it has to be Sea FM, which can be reached in Sydney.


Now it’s just repetitive greatest hits. There are songs which weren’t played enough when they were fresh hits but now they’re getting played to death as greatest hits.


Agreed, except its the same log they use for all Hit regionals


I had a look at their Sydney playlist for yesterday.

I see Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” got played and that was older than any other song by at least 10 years. Strikes me as an odd choice without any other 80s music in there.


Looked at the Hit 104.7 playlist which is the same as 101.3 Sea Fm. I agree it is the best playlist of the three. lucky it is a local signal into NW Sydney where I live.
I really enjoyed the playlist of Snow fm / Eagle Fm, they play more new music then Sea / Hit and skewed more towards pop and dance music. It was not to repetitive.


I do wonder what would take a bigger audience share out of the Sydney market, 101.3 Sea FM or The Edge 961?? Are Sea or Edge receivable in the city??


The Edge.



What percentage do you reckon?


Sea would have better reception on the northern beaches, but everywhere else the Edge would be stronger. I guess in some eastern suburbs Sea would be stronger.
The Edge has excellent reception on the Harbour Bridge.

The Edge is the 1# Dab+ station in Sydney a lot of that would be people listening on non digital radios. Just imagine if they were in the analogue ratings, what they would pull.
Now they are the station in Sydney first to play new music.

At one stage the Central Coast stations were saying they had quite high listening on the Northern Beaches, I don’t know if this is still the case.


Considering the “Other Stations” figure in Sydney is at 13.9% last survey, I’d imagine The Edge would take up a fair chunk of that figure, somewhere in the vincinity of 5-7%, which would place it between 2Day & Nova if it was measured as a separate station in the ratings.


What other stations would rate high in the Sydney ratings?